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  1. Fchamel

    Chameleon funny video

    I saw this video. It is so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Fchamel

    Wildlife Protection

    Hello! Does anyone know of a website that helps endangered chameleon species in the wild? It is so sad to see the decline of species of chameleons. I would like to donate. Does anyone currently keep any endangered chameleon species, or have in the past? 🦎
  3. Fchamel

    Shedding. Normal?

    Hey! So my 6 1/2 month old female veiled chameleon hasn't shed since the weekend of the 22nd of October. Is this normal for her age? Also, she has had this white stuff outside of her nose. What is this? 😃
  4. Fchamel

    Share photos of V.Chameleons attacking plants.

    Post photos of ur chameleon ripping apart plants 😂
  5. Fchamel

    Chameleon fish?

    I was researching and I came upon a chameleon parrot fish? Has any one heard of these before. I didn't know chameleons were in the sea.
  6. Fchamel

    Happy Friday!

    She is not happy 😮
  7. Fchamel

    Chameleon taking selfie

  8. Fchamel

    Happy Saturday!

    Carly says happy Saturday! 😍
  9. Fchamel

    Look at this! :)

  10. Fchamel

    Enjoying the sun

    enjoying the sun! 🌞🦎😍
  11. Fchamel

    Good morning!

    Carly got a cage makeover yesterday! I got another plant! Found a golden pothos at my local lowes! She loves it! 😍😍😍✅🦎
  12. Fchamel

    Feeder Questions

    Hi! I have some questions about feeders and their setup. 1. How should their home be set up? Do I leave them in their Org. containers, or do I put them in new ones? 2. How often do I gut load? I usually just place veggies in the container once I get the bugs. I'm really bad about replacing it...
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  14. Fchamel

    Baby Carly

    I was looking through my camera roll and I realized just how big Carly has gotten! Here are some baby photos of her. She is about 3-4 months in these photos
  15. Fchamel


    Hello! I am in the process of correcting my chameleon's supplement schedule, and the cheapest vitamin without d3 is on LLLreptiles. I know they are a sponsor of the forum, and was wondering how long it takes to ship and arrive? I am located in the east coast of the USA. As I need it as soon as...
  16. Fchamel

    Natural UVB

    Carly Enjoying the natural UVB coming through the window.
  17. Fchamel

    Too big

    The moment you realize your too big to squeeze through holes.
  18. Fchamel

    The eyes...

  19. Fchamel

    Carly says good morning!

    good morning!
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