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  1. chamaeleo79

    Long time no see....

    ...and I bet no one will remember me!:D Well, it's been a while... at least the system says the last visit was: 01-25-08, and the system is always right, isn't it? ;):p Anyway, I'm back and just wanted to reintroduce myself to everyone. If you're interested what I/we are doing take a look at...
  2. chamaeleo79

    Pics of my reptiles

    Hi everyone! Here are some pics I want to share. Hope you like them:
  3. chamaeleo79

    Newbie from Germany!!!

    Hi everyone! My name is Oliver. I'm from Karlsruhe, Germany. I found this forum via google and it seems to be nice here. Besides reptiles I'm interested in Football and Tattoos. I keep reptiles for 4 years now and kind of "specialiezed" in chameleons. Right now I have: 1.3 Bearded...
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