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  1. ForrestJungle

    Male veiled $75

    I have a beautiful male veiled chameleon. He is about 6 months old. He was the runt of the group so he is on the smaller side. He has some amazing golds and sweet turquoises when he is just sitting in his cage. He also has a very nice light green that he likes to turn. You pay shipping costs as...
  2. ForrestJungle

    Tomato plants in cage?

    I just wanted to get some thoughts on tomato plants in cages. I was thinking they grow thick and love water and heat so why not? :) tell me what you think"!
  3. ForrestJungle

    Sick of my cricket container!!!!

    I am sick of my cricket container!!!! So would you guys please share some pics of your containers and tell me your opinions on what works for you! Thanks guys!!! -Forrest
  4. ForrestJungle

    Aquazamp Problems!!!

    Ok so since i cant get ahold of the people from Aquazamp maybe someone out in the Cham world can help. Ok so my pump wont hold pressure. The timer will go off and the the pump will turn on, but there is no suction. So i have to go to the bottom hose that is in the bucket and suck and blow into...
  5. ForrestJungle

    How to get ahold of Aquazamp!!??!!

    ok my pump as completely failed in my aquazamp and no one will write me back from that company and their number doesn't work at all. Who can give me any advice? Thanks -Forrest
  6. ForrestJungle

    Screen help!!

    Ok so I haven't been on here in a long time!! :) so I'm building a new cage and i need some ideas on how to put my screen on the wood. Im kind of in a pickle. I really don't want to staple it to the wood, i want it cat proof! Someone help? ;p
  7. ForrestJungle

    Most AMAZING Thing Just Happened!!

    So i was throwing in some crickets into my little veiled babies cage, and there was this house fly was flying around, so my wife (the ninja that she is) snatched it right out of the air. She threw it in the cage, and as soon as it went to take flight my little 2" veiled engulfs it! SO crazy to...
  8. ForrestJungle

    Ifo Picture Time!!!! :D

    Here are some good shots i took of my buddy today :)
  9. ForrestJungle

    Baby Veiled!

    Ok so I got my baby veiled in yesterday. He is only 2" nose to vent! He is a lot smaller then what i expected. But, my concern is him eating. He is in a 12''x12"x18". Where I live i do not have any pinheads, only 1/8 1/4 cricket mix. I put in 6 to free range, but they have all just been saying...
  10. ForrestJungle

    Ifo Came In!!!!

    Ok so i got this little guy from LLL and i thought he was going to be bigger!!!! haha from nose to vent he is only 2"!!! so tiny! so the pictures pretty much speak for themselves! He is a little scared, but he is still doenst mind being held by his new daddy!!!
  11. ForrestJungle

    Cricket Heater?

    Ok so i was just wondering if it was ok if i used a red light to heat the crickets. Also, how long i should leave the sub straight in the adult cage for them to lay, until i should take it out and move it to the baby tub. Thanks :)
  12. ForrestJungle

    Care Sheet for a Verrucosus Chameleon

    Well the title says it all. I found one at a pretty good price, but don't know much about them. Anyone have any knowledge they would like to share?
  13. ForrestJungle

    Humidifier help!!!!!

    Do I have to use an ultra sonic humidifier of can I use a warm mist, or even cool mist humidifier? This is for a Jackson in closure.
  14. ForrestJungle

    Crickets Wont Eat?

    So i know its usually the other way around, but i can not ever get my crickets to eat. I have potatoes dusted with dino fuel, bell peppers, kale, cricket water from reptile I have also tried carrots, its like no crickets ever want to eat. Doesn't mean where i get them from. Does anyone...
  15. ForrestJungle

    Getting a Jackson?

    So I know that I just lost my buddy Chip :/ but in the midst of selling my female I got a trade for a male Jackson. He will be here in two days. I'm not new to chameleons, and I have been looking forward to getting a Jackson. I have some pictures of the cage. Thus time for sure it is cat...
  16. ForrestJungle

    Dying Chameleon :(

    Well today I sold a female veiled and decided to also go get some supplies to fix up my males cage. I was gone about an hour and a half, when I came home I looked in my males cage. I couldn't find him, my wife came in and helped me, I backed up and looked on the ground. There he was. :( I picked...
  17. ForrestJungle

    Male AND Female Veileds for Sale!!!

    Ok I have to get rid of my male and female because I am moving! I have a 7 month old male veiled. He is showing beautiful oranges and turquoise. I am asking $180 for him! That includes shipping! I am $120 for my female who is gravid!!!! With fertile eggs!!!! That price also includes...
  18. ForrestJungle

    Female Veiled About to Lay?

    So my female about to go into her fourth week of pregnancy, and i have noticed that she is at the bottom of all of her hanging plants and is very dark. She is staying on this branch right above her laying bin. I think that she is going to start laying. Does anyone think this is true? I would...
  19. ForrestJungle

    Check Out Chip Fired!!!

    I have never seen him put out this orange on his legs!!! :)
  20. ForrestJungle

    5 m Pregnant Veiled Update!

    Well Kelli was looking really promising in the first two weeks of her pregnancy, but finishing up the weight for the third week and she went from 72g to now 65g. This is a pretty big weight loss for a pregnant veiled. She wont eat and its way to hard to feed her the bug juice that i have been...
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