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  1. miki2pki4u

    Toooo Many Dubia's Need Help

    too many on hold until sale goes through
  2. miki2pki4u

    Toooo Many Dubia's Need Help

    I have over 100lbs of Dubia's that need to find a new home. Right now local only located in Raeford, NC. trading for beardie's and cages, crestie's and cages, leopard gecko's, red runner feeders or some chameleons. will sell deals (will do a search for prices and go from there but) will do you...
  3. miki2pki4u

    Ambanja male and Female, 2 Nosy Be females

    More Pic's 1-Kali 2-Miss Priss 3-Pumpkin 4-Scarlet Took these a couple of days ago with my phone, not the best pic's but better than nothing. You can tell they hate the camera the one was trying to eat it. If interested in any of the chameleons please text or call 9103158613 thank you
  4. miki2pki4u

    Ambanja male and Female, 2 Nosy Be females

    I have for sale all my chameleons due to health reasons I really hate to sale them but they are not getting the care they deserve any more. I do not handle any of my chameleons unless it's for breeding or medical reasons, so some of them are nasty if you try to handle them. they are used to...
  5. miki2pki4u

    Punkin's receptive colors!!!!

    it's something I noticed on all the female that were receptive, but maybe they just snook out of the cages and got them done just for the "date". lol
  6. miki2pki4u

    Punkin's receptive colors!!!!

    Very Pretty. along with the pink you will also notice that her nails will be longer, if they are she is ready . Just something that I have noticed on the females. and it works every time.
  7. miki2pki4u

    Our New Awesome outdoor Enclosure!!

    that is awesome great work they all look happy
  8. miki2pki4u

    New cage design no doors

    they are in what started as a green house until it became cold now it has walls but we left the plastic sheeting up because of the water, and the floor is sand the water drains out really quick when you have 8" of sand under the cage.
  9. miki2pki4u

    New cage design no doors

    see if these show it better. had it re-sized tooo small sorry
  10. miki2pki4u

    New cage design no doors

    the corrugated plastic on the front comes down about 8" and on the bottom it comes up 10" and the plastic walls keeps them from being able to climb out. I took that idea from Chameleon Company and the cage is from Chris Anderson I just used the smaller boards so it wouldn't weight so much.
  11. miki2pki4u

    New cage design no doors

    Took different designs and made our own. It's 8' L x 2' D x 6' H made from 1x2, plastic sheeting, corrugated plastic, and we got a deal on linoleum so we used it for the back could have just used the plastic sheeting. this cage is very lite if it wasn't for it being 8' long one person could pick...
  12. miki2pki4u

    Need Names Please Help

    Went to Columbia, SC to the reptile show and came back with these 2 we need names for them can you help? The were of course sold to me as CB but you can tell they are WC look at the scar tissue on the large male (first 2 pic's) the second one we are not sure if it's male or female (leaning...
  13. miki2pki4u

    7 mo old male panther with right eye shut

    Being as he has shed so much he might have something in his eye you need to flush it out with gentle misting or saline solution the top of his head doesn't look sunken in that would be dehydration as well as the other eye still looks good. A good shower would help all the way around.
  14. RooRoo Sleeping

    RooRoo Sleeping

  15. Scarlett sleeping

    Scarlett sleeping

  16. Victoria Sleeping

    Victoria Sleeping

  17. Pumpkin Sleeping

    Pumpkin Sleeping

  18. Kali Sleeping

    Kali Sleeping

  19. Jackson Male Sleeping

    Jackson Male Sleeping

  20. Billy Sleeping

    Billy Sleeping

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