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  1. MarcuslovesSusan

    Cham parents unite! :)

    Oh, how they love to bask! This is definitely no photo competition, but i'd like everyone to share some photos of their chams basking in the beautiful sunshine!! :) So, come on! Let's show our babies off, no matter how large they may be, haha! :D Have an amazing day!!
  2. MarcuslovesSusan

    Boy or Girl

    ?? We are thinking boy, but we were wondering what everyone out there thinks?? Hope you can tell with the pics! Thank you!!!!! :D
  3. MarcuslovesSusan

    Help... here's all our baby's info

    Chameleon Info: SOBE Blue bar ambilobe, thinking he's a boy, approx 3months old. We've had him for a month. We handle him every couple days. Usually for about 15 minute periods. Feeders-We feed him crickets primarily; 3-5 a day. We gut-load them with "Fluckers" orange cubes...
  4. MarcuslovesSusan


    SO, our baby Ambilobe is sleeping... A LOT. We are very concerned! He is usually a lazy guy, but he is also very active during the day on avg. It seems after his first mealworm meal there has been a drastic digression in his activity level and he almost comes off depressed. He still will...
  5. MarcuslovesSusan


    Hey, hey everyone! We are so appreciative of all the posts we got on our "chameleon,loverssss" post. We are still figuring out how to work everything on here, but here are some pics of our baby blue ambilobe, Sobe. We have been wondering if we are able to make an album as well? If, so...
  6. MarcuslovesSusan

    Hello, Chameleon loverssss :)

    So, we are a couple, hence the name lol & we are also new parents to a slightly different type of child; a hopefully soon-to-be, colorful, baby blue ambilobe panther chameleon :) He (we think ha) is about 3 months old, and we are quite original naming him... SOBE haha HE is soooo cute...
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