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  1. CalaMala

    Pgymy needs help

    I just got 5 pgymies in the mail today. Overnighted is not doing well at all...he has not moved or opened his eyes, he is breathing but he keeps gaping his mouth, he is changing colors from ashy white to almost black back to white....I dripped water by his mouth but he did not seem...
  2. CalaMala

    HELP.....Velied Escaped

    I need any suggestion or words of advise....Sayid escaped his outside enclosure sometime between sunrise and 10 am. I have an army of family members here helping me look for him, the problem is I live of 27 acres of wooded property and I have no idea which direction to go or ho high to...
  3. CalaMala

    Needle nails!!

    Is there a way to trim or file chams nails...I get pokies and stabbed every time I hold Sayid or he walks up and down my arms and legs.....Just wondering
  4. CalaMala

    Wanted Opinions...

    Before I bite off more then I can chew....I have a friend who has to move ASAP...she offered me a female Veiled. A little over a year, her enclosure, lights everything she has. I wanted to get some opinions before I make a decision. I am a very routine person and as of right now I do a...
  5. CalaMala


    I know Chams grow differently depending on all the various things (gender, diet, supplements, exc.....) but how fast is too fast? I have had Sayid for just over 2 months. First photos I spots or stripes, small veil....3/21 Last Night...much more color, much larger veil Am...
  6. CalaMala

    Sayid is growing fast!

    Here is just a few updated photos of Sayid...I thinkif I sat and watched him long enough I could see him grow:p
  7. CalaMala

    Veiled brings family together!!

    Since I got Sayid about 2 months ago, my tweleve year old daughter and I have been getting much needed quality time. She loves to sit and watch him with me, she holds him while I hand feed or visa versa, we go out on "bug" missions every evening with a deli dish and net, she sets up his...
  8. CalaMala

    Fellow Floidians!

    So Love Bug season is upon us......are they good feeders???
  9. CalaMala

    Outside Enclosure Questions

    I am building Sayid's outdoor enclosure this weekend. I am placing it on my covered porch. It has been running about 68-70 at night and 80-82 during the day. He will be shaded from the porch roof with direct light shining a few hours each day. Do I still need to put his lights on the...
  10. CalaMala

    Vacation weekend HELP

    I am going to Hollywood Florida for the holiday weekend. My 23yr old son said he will watch Sayid, mist and feed, but I am so nervous about leaving him. I have a portable enclosure (butterfly garden) that he chills outside in when I take him for his SUN time. I was thinking perhaps I should...
  11. CalaMala

    Fruit, flowers, and veggies!

    When is a good time to introduce things other than "bugs" to a veiled cham? And is there a trick to get them to try them or want them? Also has any one ever tried monkey biscuits? I had an iguana that used to love them soaked in warm water, made like a oatmeal consistency. And NO I AM NOT...
  12. CalaMala

    Attack !!

    So I keep my crickets outside on my porch. They are in a 10 gallon fish tank with mesh top. I just got a shipment in of 500 and got them all situated. Next thing I know ATTACK. The whole tank was invaded by red ants. They killed every last cricket. Some were being carried off whole, some...
  13. CalaMala

    Bug Napper

    I just ordered my Zoo Med Bug Napper and a book called: Eat This Bug: A Guide to Invertebrate Live Foods for Reptiles and Amphibians. So now I can stop dancing under the Lamp post at night with a net! :D Although my husband thinks it is quite funny! Also just wondering about the little moth...
  14. CalaMala

    Sayid Fired Up!

    So I got home early from work today and got to take Sayid out for extra sunlight. I let him venture about the yard some and finally got pics of him fired up.... Here's some.....let me know what you think.....:p The first one is before he showed off!
  15. CalaMala

    I'm in love!! :)

    Sayid is so freaken cute....I have been spending a lot of time with him this past week. He only scampers away 3 out of 10 times that I am in is enclosure. He likes his misting and LOVES his showers. He has eaten crickets and mealies right out of my fingers. He walks up and down my arms and...
  16. CalaMala


    When I had my iguanas I used to fill the tub up a few inches and let them swim. Does anyone know is (vieled) Chams would like that as well?
  17. CalaMala

    Sayid's Nose!

    Sayid shed for the first time last week, his color came in a bit more but I also noticed he has something going on with his nose. I am not sure if it is normal, skin, or I read it may be calcium, but I have defently lightened up on the dusting for the past two weeks. Any ideas??? TIA BTW the...
  18. CalaMala

    Sayid's first shed (with me)

    Sayid shed for the first time with me! Poor thing looked so weird. But when he was done I noticed he had new stripes on his veil. And when I went to take him out for some sun today he fired up BEAUTIFUL, he had stripes and poka-dots and he looked wonderful. Of course I wanted to get a...
  19. CalaMala

    Little green inch worms??

    Does anyone know or has any one ever tried the little green inch worms for their chams? I guess spring is here and they are dangling from many trees in my yard. They are about the size of a meal worm. I will try to get a picture! Just wondering.
  20. CalaMala

    Quality Time!!

    So it seems at night when Sayid's lights go off, he loves to be held. He stays a happy green and rest his head on me. So tonight I got good quality time. I went in my room with a very dim light and lied on my bed, he was on my pillow but he climbed over to my arm and rested on my hand, then I...
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