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  1. Maganda

    Moving sale .....

    Hi all, Well Im moving to Australia and Iv sold most of my Cham equipment and my Chams .. All I have left is the Pro Mist system PM-60 .... Never used still in box that i never got around to setting up and my Solar Meter 6.2 UV Meter and some small odds and ends like 2 Digital zilla power...
  2. Maganda

    Willow's progress

    Hi all, I was board and thought i would post pics of how my newest addition is coming along. My ambilobe (Willow). He is now 6 months old. This is when I fist got him on December 2007 from kammers. He was 3 months old. At 4 months old. At 5 months old. And now at 6 1/2...
  3. Maganda


    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone here owns one of Hyperion offsprings from ChamCo. Would love to see how they have turned out.
  4. Maganda

    New pics of my 3 panthers

    Hi all here are some recent pics of my 3 panthers. The first one is "Cheech" Ambilobe chilling out and relaxing. This is "Chong" Nosy mitsio cranky as ever lol. This is "Willow" Ambilobe his colors starting to pop out.
  5. Maganda

    My Nosy Mistio

    Here ya go Dean. He's doing great !!! :) Rofl this guy is sooo quick to fire up. lol I get a few inches from his cage then boom... Starts hissing:)
  6. Maganda

    My 3rd addition

    :D YAY!!!!! Look what came in this morning at 9:30 am lol. He's from Kammerflage. Now I gota pick a name for em :)
  7. Maganda

    Baby Mafana

    Hi all, Here is chong my Nosy Mitsio. He just finished shedding today.
  8. Maganda

    San diego Reptile Super Show !!

    WOHOOOOO !!!!! 2 more weeks and its off to san diego for reptile super show. I'm really hoping to walk out of there with another male panther cham. I just dont have enough experience to be owning a female yet but one day I will :D . I guess it's true what they say .... You can't have just one...
  9. Maganda

    Schefflera Amata

    Hi I was wondering is this particular schefflera (Schefflera Amata) is ok with chams (Panther) or if all schefflera are ok. Here is a link to a picture
  10. Maganda

    Ceramic Socket

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone uses this Mega ray Low UV kit. What type of light socket do you use? Will something like this work? Or this one? Thanks.
  11. Maganda

    My little buddy Cheech

    Hi all, meet my little buddy Cheech. (Ambilobe) This is his temporary home. :) Just hanging out. I cought him sleeping. :)
  12. Maganda

    Hi All!

    :D Hello Everyone. I'm Jun originally from Hawaii now I live in Las Vegas :) . This forum is Fantastic !!!! I have gotten lots of info from here. I will be getting a Sambava Panther Chameleon in a few months. I am currently building a screened enclosure for him and all the goodies that come...
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