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  1. PandoraChams

    seeking high translucent veiled female(s)

    I live In VA..willing to pay shipping.Prefer 3 months or older. One or two. Pls contact with details.
  2. PandoraChams

    My Nosy had an odd laying cycle

    My Nosy female laid a clutch of 15 eggs on Thanksgiving Day. However since she had not been bred (and she still under a year old) they were infertile.. Today she laid 7 eggs..and its been less than 2 months. She seems fine and looks normal..not dehyrated. However if she has retained eggs it...
  3. PandoraChams

    Translucent Veiled Babies ..taking reservations!

    I have a few gorgeous Translucent and Normal Veiled Chameleon babies, out of my very handsome High Translucent Veiled male named "Elvis" who came from FlChams. 8 of the 14 babies show the translucent markings with "white soxs and tail markings". All the babies have their own unique...
  4. PandoraChams

    High Translucent Sired Veiled babies taking reservations

    We finally hatched everyone out with a total of 14 beautiful Chameleon babies sired by Elvis, our High Translucent Veiled Male from Fl Chams. 8 of the babies are low trans and the rest are solid colored, perhaps carrying the gene. Everyone is getting lots of attention and should be very...
  5. PandoraChams

    Whoa..don't be too quick to discard stillborn's

    I have an amazing story to share... Granted I am not a long time Cham owner..but I have years of experience with animals..both as a 30 yr long dog breeder/show person and commercial kennel owner. I had my first batch of Veiled eggs coming to term from a May 8th laying. The set up I had the...
  6. PandoraChams

    Update on Amazing Grace ..the runaway..

    For those who have followed the thread on Grace little Veiled to left her free range tree to abscond to the wilderness..( ** she free ranged on the tree in the house and never left it, but I put her and the tree outside to bask in the warm sunlight and she shortly became my first homegrown...
  7. PandoraChams

    Amazing Return of My Wayward Veiled!!!

    A couple weeks ago I posted about my mistake in free ranging my Chameleons. I'm relatively new to Chameleons but not to caring for pets and until then I had never lost one of my pets..ever! I have a fake tree which has been their free range alternate from the cage all winter. None of mine have...
  8. PandoraChams

    Cricket Catcher

    I must have a leaky cage, because I am always finding loose crickets ( most than the few which always get out when feeding) However I invested in a portable computer vacuum and I am still looking to improve its function..but it does work in catching loose crickets especially when I can get...
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