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  1. Scottsquatch

    Calling all Minnesota keepers

    It is with a very heavy heart that I am going to be reducing my collection from six down to two. MY DOG HAS TOTALLY DESTROYED MY CAGES FOR THE LAST TIME! My dog keeps tearing into my cages and I've had two completely buy new cages 2 times now and Ive also had to buy 2 new quad lights due to...
  2. Scottsquatch

    I'm so ITCHY!!

    So, my panther started a shed this morning and he is doing it very quickly. It must be irritating, because he was even rubbing on my hand when I was messing with his misting nozzle.
  3. Scottsquatch

    Ambilobe hatchling pics

    Cuteness. That's what he is. It was nice and overcast today, so I brought him out for a while for some natural sunlight. Here are a few pics. BTW, his eyes are closed because I misted him heavily. He always keeps them closed during and right after a misting. He also gaped at the mist. Very funny...
  4. Scottsquatch

    I found some great material to enclose cham cages!

    This material is probably known by many of you, but I am quite pleased I discovered it. The material is .060 thickness white plastic called PLAS-TEX. it seems like it would work GREAT for enclosing the backs and sides of cham enclosures. I found the material at Menards. It is located with the...
  5. Scottsquatch

    A thought on veiled health

    So since I have been in this hobby it has come to my attention that veiled chameleons have a lot more health problems than other species of Chameleons. At first I simply wrote it off as statistical odds due to the numbers of veiled Chams out there and the fact that a great many of them are owned...
  6. Scottsquatch

    Mosquito born illness

    I am going to be building an outdoor enclosure so that my Chams can get some sun this summer. One thing that occurrd to me is mosquito born illness. I know that West Nile and a couple other viruses are found here, does anybody know if that or any other mosquito born virus can affect chams?
  7. Scottsquatch

    My son's rendition of my gracilior

    My boy just made this for me. He's 7 and just decided in the last few months that he likes to draw.
  8. Scottsquatch

    I almost got out of the hobby!

    My wife left for work the other day and forgot to kennel the dog. I came home an hour later to find three cages smashed in and screens ripped out. Luckily, the Chams stayed up high and nobody was hurt. My gracilior did manage to get out after the attack and I found him in the bathroom on the...
  9. Scottsquatch

    Snowing... AGAIN!

    So, 4 inches overnight and 4 to 6 more through tonight. I'm SO tired of this weather!
  10. Scottsquatch

    Cages on sale cheap

    I'm not sure if they are still being offered at this price, but 2x2x4 black aluminum reptibreeze cages were on sale at Fosters and Smith yesterday. 54 bucks each. I got two of them and it says they shipped today.
  11. Scottsquatch

    My q. graciliors

    Just wanted to post a couple pics of these guys as I don' think they get enough love here on the forums. So here they are Grumpy and Fern
  12. Scottsquatch

    Adequate supplies

    How many fruit fly and bean Beatle cultures should I get for my four ambanja eggs that are due to hatch? I never raised baby Chams. I wanna know how many cultures to have on hand. Any advice from folks who have successfully hatched and raised chams? I appreciate all valuable input. @Matt Vanilla...
  13. Scottsquatch


    So it is 11 degrees here with a wind chill of 13 below. Blowing to beat heck. What is going on here? This is January weather!
  14. Scottsquatch

    Hornworm hatred?

    So I got a couple dozen hornworms for my chams last week and neither of my adult Chams would touch them. They would just stare at them and do nothing. They would totally give me the stink eye when I put them in their cages. I am a bit surprised as so many people say how much their chams love...
  15. Scottsquatch

    A good gut load recipie

    I was wondering if anybody had a good recipie they could share for a blended frozen gut load. I want one with a nice consistency that doesnt thaw into a runny gooy mess, but keeps its shape somewhat. Thanks guys, I am getting tired of dealing with the fresh stuff so often. I wanna do a bunch up...
  16. Scottsquatch

    Getting friendly

    I know there is a huge debate about chams having affection with owners and what not and this post isn't to debate whether thats true or not. I just want to share a recent behavior in my panther. If my son or wife get close his cage he will either display, run, or hide. If either of them open the...
  17. Scottsquatch

    Whats new?

    Just checking in to say hello. I am also a reef aquarium enthuisiast and have been spending time on that stuff lately. Anything exciting with you guys?
  18. Scottsquatch

    Quite a scare!

    So, I come downstairs this morning, let the dogs out, and then head to the cham cages like usual. I see what I think look like burns all along my panthers back. I felt like I was gonna throw up as I am SURE his basking spot at the top of his back only ever reaches 87 max. I was literally...
  19. Scottsquatch


    So this weekend I got a severe toothache and my jaw swelled up bigger than a golfball. Got down to the dentist at the Minneapolis VA hspital yesterday and they had to pull all my teeth n the bottom right side. They were in rogh shape I know, but I idnt think all four ha to go. Fortunately fo me...
  20. Scottsquatch

    Dang cham...

    So the other day i here my son laughing and I ask him whats so funny. He says "Dad, your panther chameleon is totally chowing down on dirt!" I panic and run over to the cage and sure enough, my cham has somehow dislodged a rock from one of the potted plants and is gulping dirt! I immediately...
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