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    My Weekend....

    Dogs do not follow a strict schedule for coming in heat. Just because it was 2 mos ago doesn't mean they can't be again. My little female Min Pin from a rescue group at a vet was spayed at 3yo. but she still has a "mild" heat as often as twice a year. As for the stray dogs, being near the...
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    Georgia Bugs

    I have ordered from Dave for about 2 months or more............very good customer service............good communication, answers emails promptly and ships when he says and quality products. So far I have ordered Zebra Silks and PWs and the Cham and BD give them 2 thumbs up! I wish him continued...
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    Louie- 4-5 mos old

    That's right Josh, Alachua is about 20 miles north of Gainesville. Ginnie is just one of the many beautiful springs we have around here. Thanks jann, she has quite the personality too! Some days she will come out on your arm or shoulder and other days she acts like she hates the world!
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    Louie- 4-5 mos old

    Thanks! I meant to also say in the post that my husband named "her" Louie even thooo..................:-)
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    Louie- 4-5 mos old
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    Phoenix Worms *Excellent Calcium Source*

    I added some Phoenix Worms to my order of Zebra Silkworms from Dave this time. Everything arrived alive and well again and I was please. I received them Wed of this week. The Cham and the BD both love the addition of Phoenix worms to their diet!
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    Veiled Chameleon

    I have a 6 mo. old Veiled and was wondering when I should start feeding vegetables? If soon , what kind. The main plant in her enclosure is a Pothos , very dense but I don't see any leaves that appear munched. Right \now she eats crickets, Supers, Silkworms and soon, Phoenix worms. TIA :)
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    Chameleons from the classified section

    Being a first time owner I purchased mine from a breeder at the Reptile Expo in Daytona. I had read so much about this show and the reputable breeders and vendors there I felt it was the best place to set myself up for success. I also prchased a cage and a few supplies I didn't already have from...
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    Chameleons from the classified section

    I really love my Veiled Cham. As far as interesting goes I think he is very intriging to watch. Color-wise she ranges from greens to browns which is fine with me. I am also happy with one. If the oppurtunity artose and I was in the market for another I would look at the types of Panthers for the...
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    My new little Melleri!

    Too funny!
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    Veiled Chameleon- 4-5 mos old

    I have a female Veiled- just under 6 mos old. She eats well, crickets, Supers and Zebra silks. First question: When should I provide a bucket for digging a nest? She is well rounded but not fat but I will start looking for picks of females ready to lay dso I know what to watch for I was just...
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    Snapped some shots today! Hope you enjoy!

    That 3rd one instantly reminded me of Yoda! Adorable pics!
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    Cup feed or free range?

    I cup feed the crickets to keep track of how many he eats and to make up for that I hand feed a silkworm and then free range a couple silkies later in the day to let him hunt.
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    Are these safe?

    Some of the Palms I looked at had large thorns on the stems. A little dangerous for my taste.
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    Lena is almost done shedding now........there were very few bits and pieces left on her this morning. She seemed extremely grumpy while shedding. Is thar=t normal or is the start of her attitude as she matures? I may be a bit off on her age....I had thought she was about 5mos. old but at 32grams...
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    Thanks to all the good advice I relaxed a bit and Lena (now that it is determined it is a girl) started sheding today (Sunday). She still ha some on each leg, her tail and her head left to shed but it all looks loose. Now I am wondering how long is too long? Can the Chams get stuck sheds like...
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    Thanks Jan! That's my goal. They are amazing creatures and I am enjoying every day as I learn more about them.
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    Julirs, from the pics posted of male and female I am pretty sure mine is a female. Also, she wieghed 16 gr on 8/27 at approx 3 mo. old and today, 9/19 she weighs 32 gr. before feeding. so in 23 days she has gained 16 gr. From the previous posts I should expect a shed any day now unless she shed...
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    Julirs, Well, in their defense I didn't ask. I did know that they are kept solitary and didn't plan on breeding and it didn't really matter to me. I guess I just like to know naming wise and now that I have researched in detail I will need to know whether I have to provide a nesting spot for her...
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