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  1. ChameleonTherapy

    Forbidden love

    You should rename them Thisbe and Pyramus
  2. ChameleonTherapy

    Panther Chameleon needed!

    Where are you located? Exotic Envy reptiles in Dallas, Georgia gets them all the time.
  3. ChameleonTherapy

    The Dubia Roach Setup - How to setup a roach enclosure for care and breeding

    Where do you get the egg crate material? That doesn't look like actual egg cartons.
  4. ChameleonTherapy

    Bioactive Odor

    Kreacher has been inhabiting the cage for over a month now.
  5. ChameleonTherapy

    Bioactive Odor

    I wanna say its a poop smell, but not for certain as I never got real close to smell his poop :-D
  6. ChameleonTherapy

    Bioactive Odor

    From their appearance I would say it was maybe three different kinds
  7. ChameleonTherapy

    Bioactive Odor

    Not top layer is leaf litter. I just got isopods out of the yard no idea what species they were.
  8. ChameleonTherapy

    Bioactive Odor

    My cleanup crew doesn't seem to be doing it's job well. Last night I noticed a definite funk coming from Kreacher's enclosure. 30 days before he arrived I added 25 isopods to the soil (caught inbackyard) but did not add any springtails as I figured they would develop from the Bioshot I added...
  9. ChameleonTherapy

    Kreacher's first superworm

    I definitely believe they would bite. The friggin thing was attacking the tweezers and escaped them three times before Kreacher tagged him.
  10. ChameleonTherapy

    Kreacher's first superworm

    Hes not sure what to think. Nor am I. They are very...wiggly.
  11. ChameleonTherapy

    Piebald Ball Python

    My daughter got some great shots of her girl Cecilius tonight!
  12. ChameleonTherapy

    UNderground Reptiles

    ANybody have any experience with this vendor?
  13. ChameleonTherapy

    US Seeking CB Male 3month+ Jackson's Xantholophus or jacksonii jacksonii

  14. ChameleonTherapy

    US Seeking CB Male 3month+ Jackson's Xantholophus or jacksonii jacksonii

    Message me! Currently I have a 4 month old ambilobe panther, so I am not a complete n00b.
  15. ChameleonTherapy

    US Jacksonii jacksonii Machakos Hills region

    Are any of the babies males? Hard to see in the pics.
  16. ChameleonTherapy

    Handling/trust-building question

    UPDATE: progress!!! Today Bodhi came onto my hand long enough to get a hornworm in my other hand!
  17. ChameleonTherapy

    Coming soon...

    My local herp store has a couple; they are really cool
  18. ChameleonTherapy

    Hammy and Ivy Baby Thread

    Looks like a celebrity going off on the paparazzi
  19. ChameleonTherapy

    Just a few general questions

    Dude. RESPECT
  20. ChameleonTherapy

    EATING DIRT!! won't eat bugs!

    The breeder I got Bodhi from (Bruce at Chameleon Paradise) has me supplementing with the Outdoor (no d3) version of Miner-All 3 days a week to give him trace minerals that the other usual supplements don't provide. This is in addiition to the calcium without d3 he gets 6 days a week. His...
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