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    Hornworm & Zebra Silkworm Eggs

    I have Hornworm eggs that are being laid NOW and need to go (I can't feed off several hundred 4" hornworms!) I also have hundreds of Zebra Silkworm eggs that were laid in the early summer and have been properly diapaused. I have had around a 99% hatch rate with the Silkworm eggs. My...
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    Silkworm eggs brown. Fridge or wait?

    I have about 40 female moths laying eggs right now and the eggs have just started to change from yellow to brown. Is it time to refrigerate them or should I wait until they change color even further? I ask because I went through half a dozen posts with conflicting information about when to...
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    Silkworm eggs are hatching real slow

    So I received 500 "zebra" silkworm eggs last week Wednesday and yesterday 2 little silkworms hatched out, and this morning another 2...I read somewhere that they will hatch within 24 hours of each does anyone else have any advice on what to do? Keep playing the waiting game? I've...
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