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    So yesterday I placed some strawberries in Dubai colony. Tonight I look in there and I see very small white things on all the berries. They don't seem to be on the roaches at all, only on the fruit. However there are alot of them, I'm not sure what they are? If I was to guess I would prob say...
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    This really grinds my gears...

    Today in Vegas it was a nice cool 112 degrees. I live in a condo With my wife and son. About 9 pm my wife noticed our place was heating up more than usual. So I went down and checked the a/c unit, the heat exchanger wasn't working. What could it be? Well let's start with the fuse box. After...
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    Interesting... Very interesting!

    So I stumbled on this article searching for answers on wild cham diets. I searched and didn't see it posted before so I figured I would try to start a discussion about this. If it's been posted before my bad! Let me know what you think?
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    Bee on the menu

    Today as I was walking outside to throw away the garbage I saw the bees all over the flowers. So I went inside the house grabbed a container and caught one. So then I placed the container in the freezer for 2 minutes, after that the bee was in sleep mode for about 10 minutes. This gave me time...
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    Very pleased!

    A couple months ago I started making phone calls and sending e- mails. I was looking for a panther. My plan was to buy one from the expo here in las Vegas. However after talking to Ed from kammerflage I decided to wait and order one of his. I searched all the different company's and found Ed was...
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