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  1. Camsofcali

    Sambava Male holdback

    I have a 3 1/2 month old sambava male I have to let go because I'm out of room unfortunately. He's one of the alpha males of the clutch and should be a solid breeder. He comes from great genetic lines on both sides and full lineage is available. He is 240 plus shipping. Email...
  2. Camsofcali

    very nice male sambava panthers for sale

    I have a few male sambavas for sale from my guy pyro. They are about 2 1/2 months old and should be ready for new homes in about 2 weeks. They are already showing color and turning out very nice. I would prefer these guys go to people who are breeding the sambava locale but its not absolutely...
  3. Camsofcali

    Male Sambava "PYRO" A++ genes

    Thought id share a pic i took last week of my male sambava who is one of my top breeders. He's got unbelievable genetics. He came from screamelons as one of their hold backs and am truly greatul for getting a chance to work with this guys amazing genes. He literally glows a bright neon red when...
  4. Camsofcali

    RI treatment

    Anyone had any luck curing a minor respiratory infection in panthers by just raising temps? I've used antibiotics in the past but do you know from experience that they are ALWAYS really necessary? It seems like its been a very common illness in the last month or two and I've noticed ALOT more of...
  5. Camsofcali

    New baby sambava panthers

    Started hatching 2 weeks ago..sire came from screamealons and dam was from a forum member. Pics of the sire are attached he's a vibrant fella so these babies should be interesting!
  6. Camsofcali

    Chameleon twerking!!

    Check this clip out on you tube lol !!!
  7. Camsofcali

    Sambava panther swallowed perlite from soil??

    I watched My sambava swallow a cricket sized piece of perlite from the potting soil in his enclosure.Can they digest this or is it going to cause impaction?
  8. Camsofcali

    Housing female panthers together?

    I've grown up raising jacksons and housing females together with them is no problem. I've recently branched out to panthers and was wondering if it is at all possible? I have all my females in there own nice big enclosures but have recently seen pics of full grown panther females housed together...
  9. Camsofcali

    fuzzy mold on some panther eggs ??

    I have a clutch of sambavas incubating and some of them are getting fuzzy mold on them. Could they still possibly be good? Any tips on keeping the mold away?I've already reduced the humidity in the containers/medium. They still look good and I'm not gonna throw them out until they shrivel up or...
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