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  1. jacksonchamnew

    Was going to clean bottom of chameleon cage and found this.

    I can't just take tray outside and hose it off because I could release exotic roaches that cham didn't eat. This appears to be a discoid but I have fed lobster roaches also. Is the superworm an exotic that could survive outside in mild climates?
  2. jacksonchamnew

    Veil fell off my back?

    We were looking at my reef tank and then he climbed on my back and I was taking him back to cage and he jumped off and landed on carpet. Hissed and started running. Got on my hand and then I put him in cage and watched him. Seems fine. Why can't he hang on back when we are walking around house?
  3. jacksonchamnew

    My new reef.

    I have been working like mad on this. Cham likes it.
  4. jacksonchamnew

    Cham wants to watch new reef tank.

    Mr Green kept trying to go into tank. LOL Was reaching for it.
  5. jacksonchamnew

    Our explore for day. Landroller skates.

    Cham gets on hand and then back. I sit on couch and he jumps off couch, hisses and then explores.
  6. jacksonchamnew

    Can you ever keep 2 chams together?

    Every cham you get may need 2 x2x 4 foot cage except for the pygmy species. Can anything live with my male veil. How long do you keep chams together when mating them? Just curious.
  7. jacksonchamnew

    Put plant in cage but cham curious.

    What did you just do with that Pothos? LOL. Raises up on hind legs.
  8. jacksonchamnew

    Found him eating katydid.

    These are in my front lawn. Mr. Green.
  9. jacksonchamnew

    Can you gut load with wild weeds?

    I put no pesticides down in my yard and looked for wild dandelions. Could not find them but found Florida Bentony. The plant makes a radish that we can consume. I ate them and did not die. I fed them to my crickets. They also got some kiwis and carrots. Cultivated plants were probably just weeds...
  10. jacksonchamnew

    More raccoons. Put mirror up

    OK, this guy is a regular. Lets play. Possum always comes.
  11. jacksonchamnew

    You can't make them eat.

    Okay we have 4 crickets, 4 superworms and 1 discoid roach with Earth Pro. Cham is not using feeder today. He will probably just eat the superworms and won't touch the crickets and roach. I set out the feast; not my bad if he does not eat it.
  12. jacksonchamnew

    Yard crunch wrap for chameleon

    Regular and Hot and spicey. Found like 6 katydid when mowing. Stop mower, catch katydid, start mower.. LOL
  13. jacksonchamnew

    Raccoons visiting me.

    I read article that these are good and our called Land Bees. I set up this garbage for them to rip open.
  14. jacksonchamnew

    Doesn't eat his lobster roaches; climbs on me.

    Mr. Green-Starting to like rides.
  15. jacksonchamnew

    Countries at your line of latitude

    This is interesting. I am in Mobile Alabama and have a Yemen chameleon. Are these the ones in Morocco? My outdoor climate may be similar at the same latitude. Does not account for elevation.
  16. jacksonchamnew

    What temp should I keep house at in the winter?

    House was 70 yesterday morning. First cold front in Alabama. Male veil.
  17. jacksonchamnew

    Has any chameleon died from eating too many superworms?

    OK so they have too much fat. Many of us are obese and drink too much beer. My cham keeps going on strikes and wants superworms. Crickets in the feeder. Will see how my roach colony is doing and put these in there. That Bill Strand feeding video has his Jackson's eating superworms and crickets.
  18. jacksonchamnew

    Mean green machine doesn't like cold

    Got 70 in the house yesterday. Guess I will turn on heater one of these days. Mobile, Alabama.
  19. jacksonchamnew

    Cham legs seem fine

    Some of you were worried about bump on leg. I see nothing wrong.
  20. jacksonchamnew

    May try photo contest

    Olympus TG-6 close up with ring light.
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