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  1. LibbyRhiann

    Two sources of heat?

    Hi there ... I just wanted everyone’s opinion on having two sources of heat? I live in the UK, and I feel like my Cham during the day recently stays under his basking spot a lot, and when I’m misting and put my hand in the cage to feel around I don’t feel like it’s actually that warm, so I’ve...
  2. LibbyRhiann

    Humidity at 35%?

    Hi! Since switching from a glass cage to a screen cage I’m really struggling to keep up the humidity, i know 40% through the day it acceptable for veiled’s but during the night, it’s still not going up much, I woke up this morning and it was only reading 45%. I know during the night it needs to...
  3. LibbyRhiann

    My new and improved set up!!

    I recently posted on here and got advice from some great people - I’m uploading a picture of my new set up! I know I need to get some more plants but it was all they had at my local garden centre! They’ve got a delivery on Friday so I will get a few more then! I also purchased this digital...
  4. LibbyRhiann

    Veiled Cham hiding all morning?

    Hi, I got my veiled chameleon, male, 10 months old, on Sunday 13th September. Yesterday after chatting to a member on here, It came to light about the fact the pet shop had sold me all the wrong things, this has left me feeling super stressed and anxious for my chameleon. Last night he was...
  5. LibbyRhiann

    Humidity at 71% at night and rising??

    Hi everyone! just got my first chameleon yesterday! Did a lot of research before purchasing but one thing is there is so many different opinions on the ideal humidity. i have a 10 month old male veiled chameleon, he seems to have settled nicely into his new home, his humidity during the day...
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