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    Louie- 4-5 mos old
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    Veiled Chameleon

    I have a 6 mo. old Veiled and was wondering when I should start feeding vegetables? If soon , what kind. The main plant in her enclosure is a Pothos , very dense but I don't see any leaves that appear munched. Right \now she eats crickets, Supers, Silkworms and soon, Phoenix worms. TIA :)
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    Veiled Chameleon- 4-5 mos old

    I have a female Veiled- just under 6 mos old. She eats well, crickets, Supers and Zebra silks. First question: When should I provide a bucket for digging a nest? She is well rounded but not fat but I will start looking for picks of females ready to lay dso I know what to watch for I was just...
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    How often do veiled chams shed? I have had mine about a month (thinking he was about 3-4 months old then) and he hasn't shed yet.
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    Question regarding color

    I have a Veiled Chameleon. I got him at the Reptile Breeder Expo in Daytona. He/she is approximately 3-4 months old. The live plants in his screen encloseure are green of course and the fake vines are green. I have no brown vines yet. I mist 3-4 times a day and I have been feeding 1/2" dusted...
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