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  1. Monties1982

    Weigh day here at Veiled land

    Did you make that weight stand yourself or did you buy it somewhere?
  2. Monties1982

    Budget friendly way to filter misting system water

    The number of cages you are misting doesn't really have an impact on how economical it is since you replace the filters based on how much water they've filtered. The less water you use, the less often the filters need replaced. I have this filter and the whole kit is $60...
  3. Monties1982

    2021 Calendar - Other Species I

    Well, that's a pleasant surprise. I never got around to submiting any photos for the calender, but one of my photos is there anyway. :)(y)
  4. Monties1982

    Baby To Now

    I forgot to mention they're about 8 months old now.
  5. Monties1982

    Baby To Now

    This is one of my crested chameleon babies at less than 2 weeks old. This is the female I kept. And this is one of the males I sold a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Monties1982

    Book...Understanding Reptile Parasites...

    The author of that book used to be the vet I took my chams to. Unfortunately, he retired last year so I had to find a new vet.
  7. Monties1982

    The eyes have it!

    Her mother is the same way. She spends most of her time perched in front of her feeding cup like she's waiting to be fed.
  8. Monties1982

    The eyes have it!

    Have you given her a name?
  9. Monties1982

    Need suggestions on a decent digital timer that can be programmed 1 hour on & 1 hour off several times through the night?

    You could. It retains its settings if power is cut to it. I just lower the set point on them during the day and turn it back up at night, though.
  10. Monties1982

    Need suggestions on a decent digital timer that can be programmed 1 hour on & 1 hour off several times through the night?

    Instead of a timer, you could get a humidity controller and have it turn on and off based on the relative humidity. I have a couple of these and they seem to work pretty well...
  11. Monties1982

    Show off your uncommon chams

    Calumma brevicorne, Maximus Trioceros cristatus, Titus And Chrysoprase And a couple of her babies
  12. Monties1982

    Space requirements for Werneri?

    An 18x18x36 would probably be adequate, but bigger is always better, so I would go with a 24x24x48 as long as you have the space for it.
  13. Monties1982

    Weather is perfect!

    I live in Greeley. This is a picture of my back yard today. I thought spring started almost a month ago, but I guess I was mistaken :cautious:.
  14. Crested cham baby

    Crested cham baby

    ~2 month old crested chameleon
  15. Monties1982

    Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer.

    While looking at the Govee hygrometer on Amazon, I came across this other one.
  16. Monties1982

    "Baby Bananas"

    They switched to cavendish bananas because the gros michel bananas that used to be the most common were devastated by a fungal disease called panama disease.
  17. Monties1982

    Crested chameleons starting to hatch

    Yeah, that one came out pretty good. I even took it through the screening on the lower door because the way I set up the cage makes it so I can't open it.
  18. Monties1982

    Crested chameleons starting to hatch

    Well, if you're going to be so demanding;), fine. And here's a short video I took of one of them.
  19. Monties1982

    Crested chameleons starting to hatch

    Update: The last two eggs finished hatching on Tuesday. I initially put them all in a 2'x2'x4' reptibreeze just because I didn't have anything else to put them in, but they were obviously hard to find in such a big cage, so I ordered a small reptibreeze on Amazon. I just finished getting it...
  20. Monties1982

    Crested chameleons starting to hatch

    Baby number 2 started hatching yesterday and came out today, and number 3 is close behind.
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