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  1. Camsofcali

    Sambava Male holdback

    Lots of interest but he hasn't sold yet. His colors are filling in nicely.Make an offer I've got to have this guy out of here soon. Email [email protected] or text/call 916-897-4215
  2. Camsofcali

    Sambava Male holdback

    I have a 3 1/2 month old sambava male I have to let go because I'm out of room unfortunately. He's one of the alpha males of the clutch and should be a solid breeder. He comes from great genetic lines on both sides and full lineage is available. He is 240 plus shipping. Email...
  3. Camsofcali

    Some Greenhouse Chameleon Pictures

    Very nice!!! They look VERY healthy and have got to be loving the outdoors.I am a little bit north of you and I'm getting ready to do a greenhouse myself next spring. I'm assuming you are using uv transparent siding? Where were you able to find the correct glass/plastic? I've been researching...
  4. Camsofcali

    An update: It's MBD...

    After her daily dose of natural sunlight I'd make sure she's under the constant rays of a reptisun 5.0 the remainder of the day for the next month. This will help speed up the recovery process along with the supplementation mentioned in the previous post. I've had and seen a few adopted/rescued...
  5. Camsofcali

    New pics of Gizmo

    Very nice!! Good looking dude you got there!! He get burned when he was younger? I notice the missing spikes and slight indentation on his back
  6. Camsofcali

    Stickytongue farms?

    They have a peculiar shipping schedule. I think it's once every two weeks but I'm not 100% on that . You can find it in somewhere on there website under the shipping policies. I found out in the past by ordering something like your friend and not receiving it for a few weeks. I canceled the...
  7. Camsofcali

    very nice male sambava panthers for sale

    Juvenile sambava Here is one of the exact males for sale today just finishing up a shed.
  8. Camsofcali

    very nice male sambava panthers for sale

    Sire Im only able to upload/attach one pic per post for some reason so here is another pic of the sire. Email [email protected] for more pics and info
  9. Camsofcali

    Weirdest thing ever, shot tongue at me.

    Because your chameleon has associated you with food it may be an impulsive reaction he has sometimes now when he sees you. I've had a few chams do that in the past and its kinda interesting. If he could talk he'd probably say "feed me feed me" instead of shoot at you lol. When I walk into my...
  10. Camsofcali

    very nice male sambava panthers for sale

    I have a few male sambavas for sale from my guy pyro. They are about 2 1/2 months old and should be ready for new homes in about 2 weeks. They are already showing color and turning out very nice. I would prefer these guys go to people who are breeding the sambava locale but its not absolutely...
  11. Camsofcali

    Is it normal for a panther chameleon bleed while mating

    Mating is very stressful on both males and females. Give him a few weeks to recoup and most likely everything will be fine. If he looks like he is going down hill the best bet is to take him to a qualified herp vet. Good luck and hope everything all good with him.
  12. Camsofcali

    Red and orange panther babies

    Very nice for 2 months. Gotta love when they show color early like that!!!!
  13. Camsofcali

    Masoala import!

    Wow Very nice looks like some stunners were imported!!! Can't wait to watch these guys get older and spread around.
  14. Camsofcali

    Do you guys remember Shazaam?

    Loving the high white on this guy!!! Is He related at all to the splash lines you have going??
  15. Camsofcali

    Splash Jr~ Red?

    Nice Offspring available from splash or splash jr. anytime soon?
  16. Camsofcali

    One of my Meller's has a swollen leg.

    Did he take a fall? If he didn't a swollen limb is a sign of MBD. Hope everything alright with him/her..
  17. Camsofcali

    Komodo dragon For Sale!

    That makes sense. Pretty interesting marketing tactic
  18. Camsofcali

    Hard Candy

    Ha That's pretty cool
  19. Camsofcali

    The World's Largest Collection of Meller's. The "OctoMellerium"

    Cool idea!!! I'm all for free ranging but I think the multiple species idea might not be best. Stress isn't always outwardly expressed by chams and they will just slowly go down hill and end up catching some type of illness from their immune systems being compromised. It might be a slow demise...
  20. Camsofcali

    Komodo dragon For Sale!

    Wow That's pretty interesting. I actually looked into trying to get a pair a while back with permit and what not but I'd have to wait until I'm completely done with my schooling and hold all my credentials. And even then they would be unbelievably difficult to obtain, and if it did end up...
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