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  1. Nosy be Hotdog

    Something in Chameleons eye

    Hey guys, my little guy was happy and fine for the past couple hours today and even trusted me enough to roam around on my arms but I noticed just 30 minutes ago he was trying to push something out of his eye. I’ve tried misting water near his eye to wash it out but now his eye is staying shut...
  2. Nosy be Hotdog

    Chameleon won’t eat

    Hey guys! Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 7month old, Male, Nosy Be Panther chameleon Handling - 1-2 times a week to bring him from his outside area back to cage Feeding - Normally feed 8-10 crickets a day. 1 Hornworm, Waxworm, or superworm, once a week. Crickets are gutloaded with flukers...
  3. Nosy be Hotdog

    Plants for hiding

    Hi all, what are some recommendations for plants to have in my Chams cage? Both Real and Fake recommendations would be nice. What are plants you guys use for more hiding spots and foliage for your chams cages?
  4. Nosy be Hotdog

    New Chameleon Questions and Concerns

    Hello! I just got a 3 month Nosy Be Cham 3 days ago and I’ve got some questions. He’s obviously very stressed from his flight and being moved to his new home with me but hes been eating like and champ and drinking quite regularly. One concern is that he doesn’t seem to bask or sit under his...
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