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    Bioactive Odor

    My cleanup crew doesn't seem to be doing it's job well. Last night I noticed a definite funk coming from Kreacher's enclosure. 30 days before he arrived I added 25 isopods to the soil (caught inbackyard) but did not add any springtails as I figured they would develop from the Bioshot I added...
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    Kreacher's first superworm

    Hes not sure what to think. Nor am I. They are very...wiggly.
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    Piebald Ball Python

    My daughter got some great shots of her girl Cecilius tonight!
  4. ChameleonTherapy

    UNderground Reptiles

    ANybody have any experience with this vendor?
  5. ChameleonTherapy

    US Seeking CB Male 3month+ Jackson's Xantholophus or jacksonii jacksonii

    Message me! Currently I have a 4 month old ambilobe panther, so I am not a complete n00b.
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    Handling/trust-building question

    So, I have had Bodhi for almost two weeks now. I've been working on trust building every other day by trying to lure him out of his cage with a hornworm in the crook of my elbow and my hand outstretched well-below his level in the cage. He will eat them out of my hand no problem if I bring my...
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    Every Reptile forum everywhere :-D

    Copied from a Facebook group: From my beardie group but could be about every reptile group everywhere. Lol. Bearded dragon groups be like... Owner A: HELP! My house is on fire and my bearded dragon is inside, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?! Owner B: What do you feed him? Make sure he’s getting...
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    Enough food?

    So, I've been giving my 3.5 month old panther 15-20 crickets/dubias/BSFLs at one feeding in the morning in his feeder run and he gobbles them right up. I give him a few more hand-fed BSFLs as snacks throughout the day. Right now at 7 pm he is perched on his feeder run looking for more. If...
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    Supplement debate

    So, I am in a discussion on a chameleon facebook group with someone who says instead of doing calcium with d3 2X/month and a multi without d3 2X/month, you can skip the calcium with d3 and just do a multivitamin with D3 2X/month. This is different than what my breeder says and anything I have...
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    Bodhi's first shed

    I was not prepared for how cool this was to watch. Especially when he grabs pieces of his shed with his little hands and rips them off. Lots of Incredible Hulk vibes there.
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    Dusting FAIL

    My first time dusting Bodhi's crickets was this morning (supplements just came in yesterday), and I used a tupperware container as a shaker but put way too much powder in. So when I dumped the bugs out into his feeder run Ive got a huge mess to clean up. Can anyone give me a measured amount of...
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    Why is your chameleon mad at you today?

    I'm hoping this will be an ongoing thread along the lines of the "Why is my toddler having a meltdown" threads Ive seen on Facebook. I'll go first: Because I committed the mortal sin of looking at him.
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    Bodhi came out to us by himself today!

    It was right after misting. I didn't get pictures of this but he climbed up my face by my beard.
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    Unboxing video!
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    I made a thing!

    Today I built a feeder run out of a cork bark round and some window screen material. Thoughts?
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    Still no chameleon, but...

    we did have a baby Columbian red tail join the family today! id
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    My Man Chamelio Estevez loves the ladies

    This guy is who made me order my own ambilobe. This is my local reptile shop.
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    Newb here....dumb questions?

    So, I am pre-gaming everything possible before my chameleon arrives in a few weeks. I've learned a lot on the forum and chameleon academy so far about gut-loading and feeders, enclosures and the like, but I have some really mundane process questions with feeding. 1) So, from what I've gathered...
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    Bioactive question

    I've been advised by my breeder to put river rock over my substrate in my bioactive setup to prevent my cham (when he arrives) from ingesting the substrate. Will this negatively affect my bioactivity in the substrate?
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