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  1. Ambilobe123

    Grow light

    So I have a temporary free range setup for my ambilobe panther, and a tropical grow light for the plants (umbrella tree, pothos, spider plant). Leo loves climbing the wire onto it, as the surface warms to about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Alongside the uvb it produces, is this okay for longer than...
  2. Ambilobe123

    Find the difference!

    Find the difference between the above photo, and a healthy veiled cham! Plus, guess where he’s from!
  3. Ambilobe123

    New lovebird!

    Recently got 4 month old Fischer’s Lovebird named Sweetpea!
  4. Ambilobe123

    Chameleon Sticking Tongue Out- is this Normal?

    My juvenile panther chameleon has recently started keeping his mouth slightly open, leaving his tongue out for extended lengths of time. He recently got over MBD, so he sometimes grabs his lip rather than the branch- maybe that irritated the area? Also, we got him a new umbrella plant. is this...
  5. Ambilobe123

    Virtual Cham: suggestions

    Hey, has anyone heard of I'm currently working on a virtual panther, and I would appreciate suggestions! Basically, it simulates taking care of a cham, watching it grow and develop, and possibly breeding, later on. Tell me what you think it should include, I appreciate support...
  6. Ambilobe123

    Microscopic Pics

    Ever look at shed skin under a microscope, or am I just weird?
  7. Ambilobe123

    Post Photoshopped, heavily edited, or just plain funny images/videos here

    Hey, if you have great (or not so great) photos and videos, post them here! They don't have to meet contest or calendar standards, although by posting, you hold all copyrights! To start off, I have a funny pic of Leo, my Cham!
  8. Ambilobe123


    Once I noticed how well melon goes into chameleon, I had to photoshop it
  9. Ambilobe123

    Chameleon Going to Bottom of Cage

    My juvenile male Panther chameleon has recently been going to the bottom of his cage and refusing food. I am new to chameleons- I don't know if I have everything he needs. His eye turrets are not sunken, but other than that I have no idea what to look for- please help
  10. Ambilobe123

    Symptoms of Illness/Stress

    Hey I'm new, I have a juvenile male ambilobe panther, and recently, he hasn't been eating, and goes to the bottom of his cage. I don't notice any other signs of illness/stress, but just in case, I need advice.
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