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  1. Lovereps

    Outdoor baby Jackson's? Please PM or email me

    For those of you who have raised Jackson's from neonates in outdoor enclosures, what temperature ranges would cause you to bring them indoors and did you use an automatic misting system? I assume mostly shade, if not all shade would be best--but assumptions can easily be wrong. Normal...
  2. Lovereps

    Young CBB Jackson's females

    Pictures Added Young CBB Jackson's females I am making available 3 lovely young Jackson's females who are nearly 7 months old. They are the daughters of my chams Thor and Gator. These girls have adorable tiny little nubby horns on their noses This cutie even has tiny horn nubs in front...
  3. Lovereps

    How can I ship chams affordably?

    Now that it is getting cooler nationwide I'm planning to sell some of my 7 month old captive bred Jackson's. My primary interest is in finding them loving homes, so I don't want to sell them to pet stores. Obviously, I'm going to have to fight off the nerves and ship some of them. SYR seems...
  4. Lovereps

    Captive Bred and Born sweet & beautiful female Jackson's chameleons LI/NYC

    I've just discovered that the recent (and rare) forum server crash ate my original post, :eek: Now that the weather is nicer, I have a very limited number of captive bred and born, beautiful, healthy 5 month old female Jackson's, ready to...
  5. Lovereps

    Please help! Jackson's xanth surprise at a stressful time

    I'll begin by stating that a close family member was hospitalized 2 days ago--so my free time is sparser than usual and I'm a bit more stressed. I have successfully kept Jackson's xanths from juveniles to adults but never any babies. This morning, my tiny--and I mean tiny--36 gram...
  6. Lovereps

    Very interesting about Land Snails Helix aspersa

    I know that a number of people, myself included have wondered whether or not land snails are a source of parasites or not. This may not be the final word but it is an interesting comment by an experienced cham keeper Don Wells. If anyone knows Don, perhaps they could ask him if he has learned...
  7. Lovereps

    If chams thermoregulate, why do higher basking temps matter?

    I've been wondering lately .... Assuming good health; won't a cham simply move itself to an area with a more suitable temperature if the basking area is 5 or 10 degrees above their preferred/suggested basking temperatures?
  8. Lovereps

    Lighting problem--too much light?

    Presently, my chams have ReptiSun 5.0 bulbs in strip fixtures resting on the screen tops. I want to add light for their plants. I've thought of using 2 fluorescent bulb hanging fixtures within 1" of the screen tops with 1 ReptiSun and 1 6500K bulb. Will this be too much light for my chams'...
  9. Lovereps

    How much dilution Chlorhexidine stomatitis?

    I've read that dilute chlorhexidine can be used to treat mild stomatitis. If using 2% chlorhexidine,exactly how much should it be diluted in order to be effective against bacteria but safe for my cham?
  10. Lovereps

    Rest in peace, Karma... we miss you already!

    Our handsome male Jackson's xanth passed away today from kidney failure (vet diagnosed). Knowing that he was ready to pass, we brought him outside to his outdoor plant for a final bask in the sun. He was about 4 years old. We cared for him for a little over 3 years and enjoyed his presence...
  11. Lovereps

    My favorite girl is gone

    Not too many people can understand shedding tears for a cham, so I thought I'd unburden my grief here. She passed away rather suddenly, as she had not seemed ill, but really was. Poor girl had cancer. She loved to eat and still ate and was strong until 2 days before passing. Sure, there are...
  12. Lovereps

    How do you know if she is OK?

    When we first got her in August '10, we thought our new Jackson's xanth female was just a bit stressed because she was seldom just solid green and was typically in what we thought was a stress pattern. After a while, we began to suspect that she was gravid. Now, it is rather obvious--and she...
  13. Lovereps

    Kinyongia eating plants?

    Has anyone seen their K.multituberculata chew on plants? My son caught one of ours doing just that. I didn't think they generally chomped on vegetation :eek: Would love to hear if anyone else has witnessed the same behavior in theirs. For those wondering, it's a hibiscus plant.
  14. Lovereps

    Won't gape--but need to give meds

    My cham will not gape, even if I touch him, so how can I get his mouth open to administer medicine? He is not eating.
  15. Lovereps

    Too cold outside for montanes?

    Temperatures in my area have swung wildly lately. Are 70-74 temps too cold for outdoor basking? They would be in the sun, with shade and water available. I'd like my chams to get a bit of natural light before winter sets in. I have a multi (K. multituberculata) and a xantho Jackson's (C. j...
  16. Lovereps


    Hello everyone. After several kind gentleman ID'd my K. Multituberculata, I'm now hoping that I'll be as lucky with my "Jackson's" chameleon. When I first got him, he was a bit dehydrated, but now his urates are a lovely white. I call him a "closet drinker", since he drinks on the sly :D Not...
  17. Lovereps

    K. multituberculata?

    Hello, This handsome guy was sold to me as a Fischer's, but I don't believe that to be true. I know there are a number of very knowledgeable people on this forum and I'm hoping hope that someone will be kind enough to ID him for me. His name is Xeno , for xenophobia. The kids named him...
  18. Lovereps

    Confused about gutloading

    I've seen it stated that crickets should be gutloaded approx 4 hours prior to feeding them to your chams. Wouldn't it be just as beneficial--or even better-- to use the gutload foods as the only diet for your crickets? Is the wet gutload a replacement for a water source, as well as being...
  19. Lovereps

    Is it too soon to put my Jackson's outside?

    I have not yet had him for a week and wonder if it's better to just let him settle-in to his indoor habitat for a while longer--or if it would be beneficial to put him outside in a smaller screen cage (30"H x18"W x24"D), with a small ficus and constant drip, with a partial cover on top of the...
  20. Lovereps

    New Jackson's owner with questions

    I've been reading the forum posts to try to learn, but am still unsure about some things. I read the general husbandry guidelines, but understand that things are a bit different for montane species. All I really know is that chameleons don't like to be handled and are more difficult to maintain...
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