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  1. Monties1982

    That didn't take long

    My female Crested chameleon, Chrysoprase, hasn't laid any eggs in a while, so I thought I'd put her in with my male, Titus. I came back to check on them about an hour later and found this. I've never seen him show such happy colors ;).
  2. Monties1982

    Crested chameleons starting to hatch

    I work nights, and when I got home from work this morning and checked on my 6 Crested chameleon eggs, I found this. This is later on after it finished coming out of its shell.
  3. Monties1982

    My new addition

    I have a new addition to my chams that I got from Action Jackson yesterday. I'd been hoping I could find another Calumma brevicorne after the male I had died. It's unsexed, so I don't know if I'll be able to breed it with my female, Giwa, but if it ends up being female, I could still breed it...
  4. Monties1982

    Smile for the camera

    Say cheese
  5. Monties1982

    Slow mo shots of my chams

    I got a few slow mo videos of my chams eating today. Here's Giwa my Calumma brevicorne And here's Chrysoprase my female Trioceros cristatus She missed in this one, but it was still a good shot
  6. Monties1982

    More brevicorne and cristatus pics

    I just took some more photos of my chams, and who doesn't love cham pics, so here you go.
  7. Monties1982

    More female T. cristatus pics

    She was in a good spot for pictures a couple of days ago, so I took advantage. And a couple of her drinking. I still haven't come up with a name for her. Any suggestions are welcome.
  8. Monties1982

    Cristatus and brevicorne pics

    I took some pics of my chams today and thought I'd share. Here's my female T. cristatus Here's the male He's pretty shy, so this is the view I have of him most of the time And here's my female C. brevicorne, Giwa Unfortunately, my male brevicorne died on June 2nd. He wasn't looking...
  9. Monties1982

    Trioceros cristatus + a surprise

    I got a pair of crested chameleons from Steve at Chameleons International today. Here's the female. And the male. I'll try to get some better pictures of the male if he stops hiding from me. There was also a surprise in the bag with the female. She laid eggs during shipment. I had the...
  10. Monties1982

    Giwa laid eggs

    My C. brevicorne female, Giwa, laid a clutch of eggs over the weekend. She had been getting really restless last week and was literally climbing the walls in her cage, so I figured she was getting close. I found 26 eggs in the hole she dug. If anyone has any tips on incubating them, I'm open...
  11. Monties1982

    Calumma brevicorne

    I just got a pair of Calumma brevicorne fom LLL reptile yesterday. Here are some pics of the male. And the female. I also got some high speed footage of them catching blue bottle flies.
  12. Monties1982

    Baby pics!

    I took a few pictures of a couple of my baby montiums today, so here they are ;). This picture would have come out better, but the lens started fogging over :p.
  13. Monties1982

    Lots of Tommy pics!

    I took several pictures of my 4.5 month old montium, Thomas, the other day. Enjoy!
  14. Monties1982

    Starting second shed

    My 4 month old montium is just starting his second shed :D. I took this pic of him tonight before lights out. You can see the skin shedding on his horn and the skin around his eye just starting to loosen. I also finally picked a name for him, Thomas Cernunos. I picked it because Thomas...
  15. Monties1982

    Baby montium pics

    Here are some pics of my baby montiums who hatched between 11-22 and 11-25. I tried putting them all in one place to get a picture of all of them at once, but keeping them all in the shot was like herding cats. They wouldn't stop moving around :p. Here they are back in their home...
  16. Monties1982

    First montium hatched with pics!

    The first baby hatched from a clutch laid in June. It weighs 0.64g. Here are some pics!
  17. Monties1982

    Baby's first shed

    My baby montium shed for the first time yesterday. I caught it on the tail end and most of the shed had already fallen off, but I got these pictures of what was left.
  18. Monties1982

    Baby montium update

    I just thought I'd give an update on my baby montium that hatched 8-25. I can see horns just starting to form and his back and the base of his tail is becoming scalloped, so I'm sure he is a he. I weighed him today and he had the biggest one week gain in weight yet. He went from 0.94g to...
  19. Monties1982

    My whole gang (lots of pics)

    I got pics of all my chameleons today. It's the first time I've taken pictures of all of them at the same time. Here's Trixie, my female montium And her baby My Pfeffer's, Pfritzi And the male, Pepe My Quad, Qadir, striking a pose My other male...
  20. Monties1982

    More baby montium pics

    My baby montium was in a good spot yesterday, so I snapped a couple of quick pics, and since everyone loves baby pics ;), here they are. Uploaded with
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