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    My pygmy chameleon wont eat!

    thanks for the help! he is eating but he wont eat in front of me or off my hand:)
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    temperature and wattage of bulbs?

    I have a ten gallon tank and a 75 watt bulb that keeps it at 75 degrees. let me know if this helped.
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    what kind of chameleon

    What is the best chameleon for your money and if i put one in with a pygmy chameleon would they fight or kill each other?
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    My chameleon wont move

    whats the ask for help form and how do i get to it
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    Advice needed please!!!

    get some fake plants going all the way to the top.
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    My chameleon wont move

    He just sits in one spot for hours. he is a pygmy chameleon that is one year old. please help!:confused:
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    My pygmy chameleon wont eat!

    sorry Go to to see my environment. thanks.
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    My pygmy chameleon wont eat!

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    My pygmy chameleon wont eat!

    give me a minute and ill post one. (the plastic cups are the drippers)
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    My dart frogs...

    Awesome set up! :D
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    My pygmy chameleon wont eat!

    I have tried everything! holding the crickets putting them down and I even let all the crickets go free into the cage! My environment is just fine with drippers and it has plenty of places to climb around! I got him yesterday and he is happy and drinking. i am feeding him pinhead crickets and...
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    Anyway to know what color?

    how do you post? I can only figure out how to reply but not post something of my own!:eek: please help me!
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