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    pets and names .....?

    All my pets. Ever: Dog - Daschund: Duke Dog - Toy Poodle: Krissy Dog - Cocker Spaniel: Sarah Dog - Terrier/Pom mix: Sadie (passed on) Fish: Moses on Toast: Millenium Edition (passed on) Rabbit: Travel Mug (passed on) Veiled Chameleon: El Chamino (passed on) And I have 3 unamed fish...
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    The vet sent me...

    The vet sent me a sympathy card. How thoughtful of them, it was signed by everyone there. :-) Now that's a good vet. For y'all that don't know, my male veiled passed away a few days ago. I buried him in my garden with a piece of his branch from his cage. RIP El Chamino, I miss you!
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    My cham died! :-(

    Oh. I buried my cham in the garden. <3
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    My cham died! :-(

    Yeah, I plan to give chameleons another try. Not for another year, at least, when the next Expo comes around so that I don't have to support Petsmart. I might wait until I'm done school, because I graduate from college this year and will be attending 2 universities in 2 provinces within the next...
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    My cham died! :-(

    He was my only one. My first one. I've had him for about 2 or 3 months.
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    My cham died! :-(

    So I called the vet and she said that they can open him up and look for obvious signs or send him away to a lab and have everything tested. She said that opening him up never really comes up with an answer for the smaller animals, and that sending him away is very expensive. Guess I'll never...
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    My cham died! :-(

    Thanks guys. I'm goign to be calling the vet to see what can be done. he was holding a branch, but the weird thing is is that is was a branch at the bottom of the cage, he never goes to the bottom. i hope the vet can find something.
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    My cham died! :-(

    Hi guys. I'm devasted. I woke up this morning to find El Chamino, my 7 month old male veiled died. He was still holding onto a branch, but down at the bottom of the cage. I am so stunned. He was doing great. The vet had nothing bad to say, he was eating, drinking, and everything was right...
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    Wow steve!

    NICE! Gorgeous!
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    Friendly Chams?

    One thing I got when looking into getting my first cham was in a pamphlete from the vet. Inside there a "mini quiz" and it said if you want a reptile you can handle and play with a chameleon is not for you.
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    Automated mister...

    I use the Habba mister for my veiled. I like it, it gives me piece of mind when i'm gona all day that he's getting some water/ It is noisy, but my cham doesn't care, he doesn't notice it at all. I like it for assurance, but not at all is it a decent mister
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    Geez, I'll probably start breeding!! Thanks guys, very helpful! ...and yes, $1 each is really expensive!
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    Thanks Ty! He only gets at most 1 silk a day right now, as they are $1 each where I get them. His urates have become a bit more liquidy, but he still gets 8 crickets a day as well. :-)
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    Hey guys So searching through the forums, the only thing I consistantly find about silkworms are that they are good for dehydrated chams. I feed my veiled cham (Male) crickets and silk worms, and I'm just wondering what makes silkworms good, and what do they offer? My cham loves the silkies...
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    Food Variety

    I just offer silkworms and crickets. My man loves his silks, they're not in the cage more than 10 seconds before he has them eaten!
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    does your cham appreciate being sprayed?

    I mist with warm/hot water. My cham will hiss when I spray him, and he''ll just puff up when I start spraying the leaves around him. He hisses once or twice and comes to accept that he's being sprayed...the other day he did the cutest thing, I wa smisting and he was hissing, but after he...
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    I've had my male veiled for about 1 1/2 months. He's only six months, and I have yet to handle him. He hates being misted, yet won't hid, he'll just hiss and then come to terms with being misted and calms down. Whenever my hand goes near him he puffs up and hisses. The vet handled him...
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    Morning Routine

    What I do is lights on, the about 30 minutes later I mist and then feed a few minutes after that.
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    Feeding silkworms to an agressive cham

    So i decided to start feeding my cham El Chamino silk worms. I've had him for about 5 weeks now. He is quite agressive, probably because he doesn't like me rubbing BNP cream in his eyes everyday, but anyway, he hisses and freaks whenever I get close or mist him. I bought silk worms...
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    Should also mention, before I left, a few hours after he was drooling, he was hissing at my buddy, and his mouth was dry on the inside and it looked normal.
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