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    white eye???

    i dont know if my 12 week old chameleon is shedding or not but around her eye is like she's got white skin.. i hope this isn;t a stupid question but i've never seen a chameleon shed before so i dont know it made me a little nervous because about 2 hours ago she was itching her eye and it was not...
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    hiss when drinking?

    my chameleon when she drinks and opens her mouth wide kinda makes a hissing noise.. could that be respitory problems or is that normal because i just have a feeling something is wrong with her respitory system.. but if thats normal i can sleep easy..
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    veiled Hic-ups?

    ok well i just recently got a 2 month old veiled chameleon and well she eats alot which is good and i've never actually seen her drink.. she really seems like she hates water because she can be on the other side of the cage and when she sees me spraying..instant black.. and on top of that she...
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