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    I was so excited was finally able to get a picture of our guy in his pj's this morning. He's normally hiding when i come to feed but he was still asleep today. Of course I woke him up and am getting the evil eye lol. Oh and my daughter has named him Kermit lol.
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    Arcadia Earth Pro vs Repashy or other supplements

    I wanted to get everyone's opinion on using the Earth Pro all the time (not including the twice per month of calcium with lo d) versus using a Repashy calcium with no D and supplementing with lo D twice per month and multivitamins twice per month. I ordered some Earth Pro because I like the...
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    So i bit the bullet-Dragon Strand Cage

    So my little stinker is growing rapidly hes about twice the size he was when I got him and has shed twice already. Im over this impossible Reptibreeze cage thats impossible to keep clean, impossible to attach plants too and seems very unsteady. So I've decided to bite the bullet and get the...
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    Bioactive-is it that hard?

    Been thinking about going bioactive. Is it that difficult? I keep dart frogs and have a bioactive for them, is it that far off from a cham bioactive other than different plants? Just curious about thoughts.
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    First shed

    I go in to check on our little one to make sure he ate and I see this...very dark with white patches. I'm like oh my god what's wrong with him. After I got closer hes shedding! There was no sign of shedding when I fed him a few hours ago, suddenly there's shed! Had no idea they would shed that...
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    I have figured out a name!

    In light of the current pandemic going on, think we may name our little guy Corona lol...thoughts? A little humor in light of a terrible circumstance.
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    New Baby

    Hi all. Our new baby is finally here! He is currently exploring his enclosure while I work out the kinks in the mist king. (Need a wrench to tighten the nut, got a small leak). Anyway here's a pic. He's from Kammerflage.
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    How's my enclosure looking?

    Just wanted to get opinions. We're almost ready I think. Waiting on the drainage tray from Dragon Strand. Yes I know one fake vine but thought it added a pop of color. This is not the final resting place for it either, I have a separate room but was working on it in the kitchen where I had good...
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    Wow this nonsense is getting out of hand. Trying to find a temperature gun to measure temps in my set up and there are none to be had! Apparently people bought them up after the regular thermometers ran out, they're not even accurate for that type of use. I mean seriously...what! No TP, no meat...
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    New to the forum

    Hi all. I'm getting my new baby next week from the great folks at Kammerflage. Currently in process of setting up the cage. I know most say that bare bottom is the way to go and I'm fine with that. But I'm curious as to why? For beginners anyway. I have experience with a bioactive setup because...
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