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  1. poker01619

    ''Death of a Grasshopper'' 720-HD video
  2. poker01619

    Eggs are here..... need a little help

    My lil girl just laid her first clutch. I'm going to use hatchrite, but i'm worried about what to contain them in. What works best? Does it need to be air tight? How much water should i mix with the hatchrite? Also what temp should I start out at.
  3. poker01619

    Watch The Ending You'll love it..........
  4. poker01619

    2010 San Diego Super Show?

    Hi, I was thinking of not going the Pomona Reptile show this year. Insted I was going to save up for the San Diego Super Show. But can't find any info on it, was it cancelled?
  5. poker01619

    Photo contest Need Help

    Hello, I use my iphone for pictures for the photo contest. I'm not sure if the image requirements are right. I don't remember how to change them on a mac. Can anyone tell me if the pic I just enter is OK for the contest. I just entered today look at view entries at the photo contest to see the...
  6. poker01619

    His first 7mo WOW

    I goy this little guy around new years. Check out his baby pic and how he is now.:cool:
  7. poker01619

    My new Purple Bar Ambanja

    I got this guy from the reptile super show in san diego. I was like third in line, and made sure I got the first shot a something amazing. And I did A 8mo purple bar ambanja. I've been looking for one of these guys for tooooo long. :D:D
  8. poker01619

    Pilgore Jr. 6mo look at that blue!

    My 6mo Ambanja, Lookn good :D
  9. poker01619

    Eggs and Incubation Questions

    I have two cluches in the incubator right now. First is 9mo and the second is 8mo. The icubator is set at 75 F, in the pics I dont have the lids on. They are all plump and good looking about 40 in all. There was 55 in all at frist but some didnt turn out. I hear about some panthers hatching...
  10. poker01619

    Help check this out. Burn maybe?

    We were outside all day and everything was normal. I put him back in his cage and left. I was gone for an hour and saw this. Please help me I think it is a burn. I never treated a burn before. Whats the bet think to do. thanks [/ATTACH]
  11. poker01619

    Never seen This before

    Help is this a burn????? or........ look at top
  12. poker01619


    I went a little crazy this weekend. Well I just needed some more chams. :D I got 2 babies (3mo) and two juvies (7mo).Babies are from kammers (Amandil/Lobo) The other two are ambilobes from Amazing blue reptiles. I need more and still looking.:o
  13. poker01619

    My new Breeder

    :D He's my new boy I've only had him for three days. Hes got a date with the vet on monday;)
  14. poker01619

    I'm not a bad Panther owner am I?

    Ok here's the story, a couple days ago I replied to a classified ad. In this reply I stated that I take my Chameleon with me to the swapmeet. Some others replied to me that they thought I was crazy. They made me fell bad. I wouldn't do it if my cham was stressed over it in any way. It's an...
  15. poker01619

    ANGRY Panther help

    I have raised most of my panthers from the egg. But this week I got an adult breeder online. He's Jaw dropping but very agressive. I'm thinking the shipment really stressed him out. So I gave him a couple days to get used of his new life. But he is still mad. He is eating good but he will not...
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