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  1. liquidnia

    Vet recommendations for Columbus, OH?

    Hey everyone- I was just wondering if anyone had any vet recommendations in the Columbus, OH area. My veiled chameleon isn't sick, but I figure I should ask now and have the information incase I ever need it. Thanks!
  2. liquidnia


    I have about 5 pothos that I've been rotating and trying to rehabilitate. I feed him about 4-6 med/large crickets a day, dusting every other feeding. I think he is just veg happy! He is very suspicious about mellon, but seems to like apple. I'll probably try getting some more pothos, I'm hoping...
  3. liquidnia


    My 6 month old male veiled chameleon wont stop eating his pothos plants! He refuses to eat collard greens and only recently started nibbling on apple. Is there anything else I can try so he'll stop destroying a majority of his plants? Or can anyone suggest some other plants I can put in there...
  4. liquidnia

    My Veiled's Coloring: General Question!

    Thanks for the advice! I will probably be getting him new lights tomorrow. We have only had this set up for about 2 weeks, so we're still adjusting things. We are DEFINITELY planning on getting a bigger cage for him, but since he is so small still we didn't want him to be swallowed by a huge...
  5. liquidnia

    My Veiled's Coloring: General Question!

    Hey everyone! This is my 3 month old male veiled, Octavian, or generally called Oscar/Groucho by my fiancee. I have a quick question about his coloring though. During the day, he expresses a wide range of coloring, but he spends a good portion of the day with more brown on his body than...
  6. liquidnia

    Lamp Questions

    Hello! I recently purchased my first veiled chameleon, a male who is about 3 months old. I have experience in caring for adolescent veiled chameleons, but this is the first enclosure I've created. I've found that our space for him doesn't seem to be getting warm enough. Right now we have...
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