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  1. poker01619

    Is my panther 2 small?

    Maybe your He, is a She. I had the same questions early on when I bought 3 Chams. It was my first Cham purchase, I was told they were all males. Turns out two were female, and the other was an ambilobe. He said they were all falys. lol
  2. poker01619

    ''Death of a Grasshopper'' 720-HD video
  3. poker01619

    Got my first chameleon today.

    One time all is all it takes Sorry to say it, but now your going to be hooked for life. LOL:D
  4. poker01619

    Eggs are here..... need a little help

    hey I crossed one of the girls with my ambanja. The aggressive one of the two. That ambilobe male doesn't want to breed. He has a prblem with his eye. He was blinking a lot when I got him. Maybe you noticed what I'm talking about. Now he needs a lot of TLC. I'll post some pics later, 35 eggs in...
  5. poker01619

    Eggs are here..... need a little help

    she's an ambilobe panther, so should I seal the container or poke a few holes?
  6. poker01619

    Eggs are here..... need a little help

    My lil girl just laid her first clutch. I'm going to use hatchrite, but i'm worried about what to contain them in. What works best? Does it need to be air tight? How much water should i mix with the hatchrite? Also what temp should I start out at.
  7. poker01619

    Animal Hoarding?

    lol wow No you don't have a problem,:D you have good taste!
  8. poker01619


    hORNwoRMs MayBE?? Looks like tomato/Hornworms worms, I feed them to my guys they love them. Just feed them tomatoes, not the leaves though, they are toxic.....
  9. poker01619

    This is a female right? Panther

    ''Thats not ur mother thats a man baby!'' :p
  10. poker01619

    Walter won't eat!!!

    Try this I had problems like that when I first started. He needs direct sun light. If you can let him get about 30min to an hour, then try feeding. Make sure he has a shady spot so he wont get to hot. And mist him with a spray bottle. If that doesn't work try another feeder. :cool:
  11. poker01619

    Watch The Ending You'll love it..........
  12. poker01619

    2010 San Diego Super Show?

    Hi, I was thinking of not going the Pomona Reptile show this year. Insted I was going to save up for the San Diego Super Show. But can't find any info on it, was it cancelled?
  13. poker01619

    silkworm enclosure, any problems?

    I tried that and they all died within a week. I just keep them in the cups now.
  14. poker01619

    Ambanja Hatchlings!

    OMG Luckyyyyy I live in san diego tooooooo.. I need a female. help an ambanja Lover out...
  15. poker01619

    Mellers sharing a special moment!

    Cool Shot That pic almost makes me regret breaking up with my girlfriend. Almost
  16. poker01619

    A few pics from the evening

    I love that last one. I like pics like that. What kind of camera you got?
  17. poker01619

    I dont know what to do!!!

    Get that little ripper some silkworm/hornworms or some superworms. I know that I woundn't like eating chicken everyday. I need some shrimp or a T-Bone your Cham feels the same way.:p
  18. poker01619


    :)I would do like once a month. The best thing for these guys is not to over do it. Just make sure that lil champ has lots of sun. Sun Light Everyday Keeps MBD Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. poker01619

    Photo contest Need Help

    Hello, I use my iphone for pictures for the photo contest. I'm not sure if the image requirements are right. I don't remember how to change them on a mac. Can anyone tell me if the pic I just enter is OK for the contest. I just entered today look at view entries at the photo contest to see the...
  20. poker01619

    Cats & Chameleons?

    Oh that an easy question Get rid of it, a cat will stress out the chameleon. How would you like a lion walking around your house:p
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