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  1. thestoneofdoom

    Help with the exoterra rs400 monsoon mister

    My mister has apparently decided that no matter what cycle time I put on it that it will just turn off after 1 second of spraying water. are there any known fixes or reasons for this? edit: It’s not clogged, runs fine out of cycle.
  2. thestoneofdoom

    My power will be turned off for 2 hours—will my guy be ok?

    As the title says, my power company is running a test and I will be out I power for 2 hours. Will my guy be ok without his heat lamp? It gets super hot and humid in my room so I don’t think he would get cold but I’m paranoid.
  3. thestoneofdoom

    Good gutloads?

    I’m looking to switch from my current cricket food to a new one. Any recommendations ?
  4. thestoneofdoom

    Slumped over scare?

    Edit: his wound was swollen before and has actually deflated since his procedure. Don’t panic! Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 3yr old Male panther Handling - Currently once a day due to medications, otherwise it’s probably once a month. Feeding - Crickets, dubias, hornworms, supers, wax as...
  5. thestoneofdoom

    Carpet Chameleons—reputable breeders?

    So I’ve suddenly found myself going head over heels for these little colorful, butterfly-like chameleons. I’ve been researching them and so far they seem similar to care in panthers. (Please correct me if I’m wrong on that.) I wanted to see if anyone knew any good breeders who would be open to...
  6. thestoneofdoom

    Gorgeous female veiled at my Petco

    So anyone who has seen me post before knows I work at a Virginia Petco. I like to show some of our chams here, especially pretty ones who need an experienced home or those on sale whom I’d rather go home to a faithful owner. Anyway, we have a gorgeous female veiled currently. She’s 5 months I...
  7. thestoneofdoom

    Looking pale and sad :(

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male panther chameleon, around 3 years Handling - Not often, maybe once a week or once every two weeks, always on his choice. Feeding - Around 12 Medium Crickets or 8 Dubias every other day, mixed with super worms, wax worms or hornworms sometimes. Waxworms...
  8. thestoneofdoom

    Silk/plastic flowers? Are they safe?

    As the title asks, I was thinking of throwing some pastel colors in my boys cage..are any of these safe? Edit: includes ones I thought were nice for climbing too.
  9. thestoneofdoom

    When your dad breaks your dragonstrand drainage tray..

    Literally had 1 more thing to do and I could’ve put my boy in his cage. Now I gotta get another $87 tray He did a great job at this..
  10. thestoneofdoom

    How do I get these undone??

    I’ve checked the instructions and there’s nothing that I see that says how to release the tubes from the connector. anyone dealt with these before? Never mind..
  11. thestoneofdoom

    Would a small overhang be okay on this?

    So I am thinking about getting a stand for my DIYcage enclosure which is 24x24x48. Specifically this stand as a lot of people say it works well despite being a Zoomed.. My problem is that I have a Dragon Strand...
  12. thestoneofdoom

    Which uvb brand/bulb is next?

    It’s coming time to change my boys uvb and I wanted to know what brand is preferred? It holds an 18” bulb. I know it should be 5.0 - 10.0 Dos desert or tropical matter? Repti-sun? Zilla or another kind?
  13. thestoneofdoom

    How often do adult chams shed?

    My 3 year old boy only ever seems to shed the bottom of his feet. I’ve never owned a baby Cham so I’m curious to know if adults shed often or if they even shed their body much at all? He’s never shed in my care (6 months I think) other than the bottom of his feet. His humidity stays around...
  14. thestoneofdoom

    Progress of my new setup!

    Finally got my ledges and 1 full side of clear polycarbon on the backside! Thinking of adding a few more clear side or vinyl sides to it but for now I gotta grab some more foliage and a live plant! Speaking of live plants, I’ve heard there is one that’s basically impossible to kill...I may...
  15. thestoneofdoom

    How to drill holes for dragon ledges on a DIYcage?

    As the title asks, I was wondering what the best tools and/or equipment would be best to do this?
  16. thestoneofdoom

    Substrate tray + drainage tray...possible?

    So my question is would it be ok to get a substrate tray but also use a drainage tray? During the winter it’s harder for me to keep humidity up so I was thinking of trying this out. Ideas?
  17. thestoneofdoom

    Anyone tried this fixture?

    Found this fixture it’s new to my store.. It looks nice but I didn’t know if it’s worth much towards Chams.
  18. thestoneofdoom

    Best ideas for making a stand for a cage?

    I just ordered my 24x24x48 cage from DIY. After unsuccessful searches for a reasonable stand that was just right I decided I Macao’s we’ll make my own. If anyone has any suggestions on what to use, let me know!
  19. thestoneofdoom

    Good pet supply stores in VA?

    Anyone know of any good reptile supply stores in Virginia? Other than Petco and PetSmart?
  20. thestoneofdoom

    My Petco chameleons look stressed?

    So I work at a Petco and we got two young male panther chameleons. Both have been doing superb, eating great, drinking and staying good and fat with regular daily calcium and some vitamins every other week. They are separated to prevent issues too. Lately one of them turns dark brown. We moved...
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