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  1. VigilantSpearIII

    Caved in back?!

    It could be a deformity. A malformation of the little chams spine. I once had a Jackson that had been born with an S-shaped spine. It evened out as it got older with both a healthy diet and heavier calcium boosts. Show some pictures, it is difficult to advise without them. If the spine was...
  2. VigilantSpearIII

    black patch on skin that wont go away.

    I can't tell from the pics. It could be a sore from mesh rubbing. It could also be a bruise. Finally, it could also be markings. Some Veiled chameleons get dark black markings. If I had to guess, it looks like a sore. I am on my phone, so the images might be clearer on a PC.
  3. VigilantSpearIII

    Zoo Med Reptirain automatic misting machine review.

    Isn't the reptirain the same thing as the habba mist piece of junk that they tried marketing a while ago? Just go custom or get an AZ, MK system.
  4. VigilantSpearIII

    What type of grow lights do you guys use for your plants?

    I have used a 6500K no name brand tube-light out of Home-Depot. Right now, I am using a Flora-Sun made by Zoo-Med. Both work decently enough and don't affect my wallet or setup. They slide right into my 48" T8 work-shop lamps. Here is a link from the last one I ordered...
  5. VigilantSpearIII

    Traded My Ambilobe for a Nosy Be

    Sounded funny to me, half-dead people...never seen those around here. OP, I think that the shop gave you a better deal. Nosy-Be Panthers are usually a little more expensive than Ambilobes. Well it's really all depending on how much you paid originally. Let's not get all uppity on the shop-owner...
  6. VigilantSpearIII

    Wow just wow

    This is sad. I get the feeling that the complaint will lead nowhere though. The animal will be dealt with "humanely". In other words, the animal will be euthanized. The manager will make sure to check up and deal with his sick animals sooner and deal with the rest of them "humanely" before...
  7. VigilantSpearIII

    Dog and Cat Pen need suggestions plz

    That sucks. Well, your cat can get out right now if it wants to. Fence or no fence. As for the dog, have you thought about using a tie-down stake? I know Costco gets some good kennels for pretty cheap. Depending on the size of your dog, I would choose accordingly. What's the size you need...
  8. VigilantSpearIII

    Cloud,Ghost,and Aries

    Nice, but where is Sephiroth? I am liking the FF theme.
  9. VigilantSpearIII

    So I went to petsmart today and saw something very sad...:[

    Why did you say it was a bad picture? That looks pretty decent. You are right! That is a three horned, I am really curious to find out what the heck happened now. On a side note, you live in the bay? By any chance do you go to the Academy of Arts University? I almost went there for...
  10. VigilantSpearIII

    Good supplies?

    So you have changed your reasoning for not using a compact? Now, according to you, the bulb is mediocre...because why? I use the compacts on a small cage, read my original post. Don't be so hasty to comment. As to supporting smaller businesses... I couldn't care less. If its cheaper and made by...
  11. VigilantSpearIII

    Good supplies?

    I feed mine around 3 a week. Just enough to have them digest one worm at a time. Its the chitin you see. The ceramic heater is usually not used. Chams use a third eye to sense heat and light. You can use a ceramic, but it needs to be placed so that the cham is tricked into thinking the light is...
  12. VigilantSpearIII

    Good supplies?

    You crack me up sometimes. That's an old report kiddo. It has been sometime since the problem was fixed. OP I agree with Bryant. The cham can be anywhere from 7-10 months. This depends on overall health, feeding, and the size of your hand, haha.
  13. VigilantSpearIII

    Customs Agents intervene to rescue rare Johnston's Chameleons

    Oh no! My order! ....I mean...darn look at that there. I wish the smuggler would have made it through though. They destroy (kill) the animal and then another smuggler simply takes his place. The customs officials feel like heroes and not one single **** will be given at the end of the day. I...
  14. VigilantSpearIII

    Longest living Chameleon species

    Currently, I think they are the priciest chameleon. They are considered to be the Holy Grail of the chameleon world. Only the most skilled and wealthy breeders can breed them...Hehe, they sound almost mythical huh.
  15. VigilantSpearIII

    So I went to petsmart today and saw something very sad...:[

    Did it have its horns? The box stores never get anything but Xantho Jacksons, so that is odd. The females don't have any horns. In a super rare case they might have one horn. Anyways, that's sad to see. I purchased a female about two years back from my local Petsmart. I had told the manager that...
  16. VigilantSpearIII

    Good supplies?

    Housing: Apogee 175 Gallon Reptarium This is pretty weaksauce and annoying to open and close. Check out, they have some nicer enclosures for about the same price. Amazon also sells a Reptibreeze at a moderate price. Both are eons ahead of Apogee. Lighting/Heating: Zoo Med...
  17. VigilantSpearIII

    what am i doing wrong?

    I use Miracle Grow brand garden soil. This stuff: I hear organic this and organic that, but I use this stuff to great effect. I...
  18. VigilantSpearIII

    Longest living Chameleon species

    I am not sure, but I remember hearing that it was the Montane species of chameleon. My oldest chameleon was a Jackson Xantho. He lived to be 9+ years. Sadly, he past away early this year.
  19. VigilantSpearIII

    Reptile first aid kit

    Haha, look for livestock antibiotics. No, its not illegal. Easy to find broad spectrum antibiotics can be found in most fish stores. Tetracycline comes to mind. They come in gel, powders, and tablets. Some states may have certain restrictions, but for the most part it's all easily available. You...
  20. VigilantSpearIII

    Just another custom built :)

    Be proud. That is a nice enclosure man.
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