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  1. waynederby

    Is she laying?

    Hi Guys, Yesterday my chameleon wen't from acting perfectly normal to digging in the soil that her plant pot is resting on. She has been in and around the soil for over a day now... What is she doing? She is around 1 and a half years old. Here is a picture of her i just took (the first time...
  2. waynederby

    I saw her at the pet shop and fell in love..

    I wish i could buy her :(
  3. waynederby

    Female Veiled - NEED HELP

    Hi Guys, Me female veiled is acting really strange is a totally different colour to what she has been for the past 6 months i Have had her. She is around 7 months old.... and up until last week she has been perfectly normal. But now, she is climbing all over the sides and top of the cage...
  4. waynederby

    DIY Cage - Links/Ideas please

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about building my own cham cage. 2x2x4.... is there any other posts on here that will give me step by step guides or ideas and help etc.... cant find much through the search... All help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. waynederby

    Colour Change

    Hi, I have had me female veiled for around 6 months now.... I noticed the other day that she is a few different colours all the time now, instead of a constant lime green colour... Here is a picture... I have not changed anything that would cause stress.... Any advice or help? Thanks
  6. waynederby

    Replacement Lighting

    Hi everyone, I currently have an 'Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamp' .... It's been rubbish since I bought it and is so unreliable, some days it works, and some days it takes me 30 minutes to get it to work (could also be to do with the fitting components), but I am looking for a replacement...
  7. waynederby

    2 days out!

    Hi guys, Tomorrow, i am going away with Rolls-Royce with work till Thursday afternoon. I have family that will turn her lights on, and mist her viv... but not feed her. I have fed her quite a lot today.... hopefully she will be okay now till Thursday afternoon!! Put my mind at rest people...
  8. waynederby

    Male or Female?

    I've had her around 5 months now... and was told she is a female... Im not 100% sure though, and neither were the people who sold her to me, heres a couple of pictures..
  9. waynederby

    Chameleon falling and clinging

    I have just cleaned my chams cage and changed the newspaper.... Some of the decor has shifted around a bit and while i was cleaning it out, she fell 3 times almost top to bottom (4 feet)..... Its been about 1 hour since and she keeps climbing on the cage itself and wont go onto her plant...
  10. waynederby

    Beautiful Photo of Yoshi eating

    Can be seen at:
  11. waynederby

    How big are Giant mealworms?

    Thinking of getting these for my 5-6 month old veiled? How big are they? In centimetres if possible :)
  12. waynederby

    Cham pregnant? Laying Bin In her cage?

    I think that my cham might be pregnant, and for that reason, i have added a laying bin into my viv... Its been in there 5 hours now and she hasn't been down to it.... Shall i just leave it in there? My cham is around 4.5 months old i believe, she often heads towards the bottom of the cage...
  13. waynederby

    Is my Chameleon eating leaves?

    Would i be right too assume these are Chameleon Bites :D
  14. waynederby

    How old was my female veiled when i bought her?

    How old does she look? This is when i bought her on 9th April 2012...
  15. waynederby

    Chameleon striking for water

    Is this normal?? She sometimes strikes for water dripping off leaves, as she would if it was food.... is this normal?
  16. waynederby

    Yoshi is growing up

    I posted in here a couple of months back with pictures of my new little cham 'yoshi'.... Here are pictures of her now :)
  17. waynederby

    Cage Set up picture

    How does this look to everyone?? I dont really want to overcrowd it with branches
  18. waynederby

    Supplies for my 4x2x2

    Supplies for my 4x2x2 Does anybody recommend any supplies / branches for my 4x2x2 exoterra cage. If anybody has links to the website that would be great (in the UK please) Obviously i want to keep my pothos plant in the middle. So just things that will go around it etc.... It looks...
  19. waynederby


    After moving Yoshi into her new bigger cage, she has recently been spending sometime towards the bottom of the enclosure. She doesn't seem to be acting strange in any other way, she is eating fine and her poo and urine seems normal. She doesn't spend all day down there.... probably about 1hr...
  20. waynederby


    Yoshi has grown quite a lot now compared to when i got her as a baby around 10 weeks ago. Here is some pictures Before: Now:
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