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  1. cubanbee

    Chameleon Skin Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)

    Hello forum folks, So I've been spending a lot of time with the vet lately trying to determine what some bumps on my panther Pablo are. Results have come back after a few tests and the vet and lab are saying squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer) due to exposure to UV. I wrote an incredibly...
  2. cubanbee

    Skin issue, potential fungus

    Hi Everyone, About a month or so my panther Pablo suddenly had a small white, scabby bump on his side. A couple of sneaky crickets had made it out of their cup and spent the night, so I thought it might be a bite. After a shed, the bump still existed and developed a crusty center, like a scab...
  3. cubanbee

    Blog: Setting up my Aquazamp raindome system

    Hi Everyone, I decided to write a blog (it seemed to big for a forum post) about my experiences over the past couple weeks setting up my first watering system, an Aquazamp RainDome...
  4. cubanbee

    Late bloomer or in need of a name change?

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum, but have been reading here quite a lot and recently acquired a panther chameleon from a private owner, with a "full set up" at a very reasonable price. She didn't know a great deal about the chameleon other than she got him from a breeder, and said that it was...
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