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  1. showjet95

    Monkey tail, rainbow, flaps n more

    Took some pics of some of my chams over the weekend and thought I would share. Not the greatest pics but the chams are cool nonetheless:cool: Kinyongia matschiei longgg tail a little basking Ch. dilepis a couple panthers I cant capture this guys INTENSE...
  2. showjet95

    Baby T. johnstonii!!!

    So I came home from the reptile super show today in San Diego and came straight to the incubator, opened the container up and there were 5 beautiful baby johnston's. There were 12 eggs total and all the others look great still with a couple others with their eggs slit. Here are some crappy...
  3. showjet95

    Kalos, a one of a kind Ambilobe

    Its very hard for me to do this, but I have to sell my absolutely insane Ambilobe male, Kalos. He is CB from crazy eye chams. He is very friendly and head bobs at females at the drop of a hat. He is approx 11 months old. He will make a great breeder and make lots of beautiful babies. He is...
  4. showjet95

    Tamatave panther female

    I have had this gorgeous girl for about a year and a half now. Id like her to go to someone that has interest in breeding this locale. She has a voracious appetite and is very feisty, and shows a ton of powder blue. 250+shipping through SYR firm. her tail is curled around on the branch and...
  5. showjet95

    absolutely perfect sub-adult male Bwindi T. johnstoni

    This male is perfect in every way. His eye turrets get super blue at times, the bluest Ive seen on a johnstoni. He also gets very nice bright yellows, blues and greens on his body. Very healthy and active out in the SoCal sunshine and eating crickets and superworms. Oh, and he is fiesty!!! $350...
  6. showjet95


    This guy I got from crazy eye chams is turning out to be insane! His colors are out of this world!!!:eek:
  7. showjet95

    T. johnstoni male (Bwindi locale)

    This guy is extremely healthy, eating crickets and superworms daily. He has been outside in the California sunshine and is loving it. You all know how hard these are to get:) I dont have any females left, so I would prefer if he went to someone already working with this species. $350 + shipping.
  8. showjet95

    Look at this Hoe!!!

    Just in from Uganda by way of Belgium:D I cannot believe these colors straight out of the container!:eek: [/url][/IMG]
  9. showjet95

    CrazyEyesCham needs a name!

    Taste the rainbow I got this guy from Crazy Eyes Chams a few months back, and he isnt failing to impress. He still has some growing to do and Im anxious to see what his final coloration will turn out to be. If they stayed like this I wouldnt mind it one bit!:D No females were in sight...
  10. showjet95

    LAST CHANCE!!! Uganda Johnstoni and Hoehnelli Altaeelgonis

    I believe I will be able to sell ONE last pair of each, so first come first serve. I will need to be paid in full as these will be here later this month. Uganda is closed after this! So if you want to get these species now is the time. PayPal [email protected], please send payment for...
  11. showjet95

    CB Bradypodion damaranum. First time ever offered to the US!

    This is the holy grail species for Bradypodion keepers. They are the most sought after, beautiful and unique species of Bradypodion. They are also the most expensive. They have large portions of their bodies void of scalation, and have a much longer tail then other Bradypodion species. They are...
  12. showjet95

    One of the nicest pardalis out there! Ambato content

    It is time to let this guy go, but I wont let him go cheap! He is just about one of a kind. His colors are incredible, along with his temperament. He will hand feed, and would make a great pet, but I am really hoping someone that wants to breed his very unique traits will use him as a breeder...
  13. showjet95

    Red Bar Ambilobe male, 15 months old.

    This guy was sired by Fuego, an amazing pure red bar/orange/yellow bodied Ambilobe. He is guaranteed to be 100% healthy. 450 plus overnight shipping through SYR. Email me at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.
  14. showjet95

    Bradypodion transvaalense mated!

    Well, I took the female out of her cage this morning to see how the male would react to her. As soon as a I opened his cage, he came onto my hand and got onto her back and he was doing the grown up with her within 5 seconds :D They must have been attached for 10 minutes on my hand. My hand was...
  15. showjet95

    Dwarf Jackson's male (Trioceros merumontanus)

    Extremely nice/healthy wc meru that has been treated with panacur. Eating bean beetles, 2 wk old crickets and house flies. $250+ shipping FIRM. Email me for faster response, [email protected]
  16. showjet95

    female B. thamnobates

    Super healthy and growing a a good rate. She is eating 2 week old crickets, bean beetles, hydei fruit flies and house flies. I am pricing her to sell FAST. $300 plus shipping!
  17. showjet95

    last pair of B. transvaalense

    I am selling off most of my collection of rare and unusual chams due to the fact that I just dont have the time I want with them like I used to. This pair is super healthy! They are captive bred from Europe and still have a good amount of growing to do (transvaals are a slow growing chameleon...
  18. showjet95

    Ambato and Matschiei

    just a few quick pics I took today with my Iphone. Sorry for the not so great quality of pics though... Aqua Man under his umbrella and after a shower from the hose:) under a cloud, but in a bright sky, his color looks a bit different. His colors are pretty insane looking. He is even...
  19. showjet95

    Perfect T. deremensis pair (Usambara giant 3-horned)

    Im selling some of my prized chameleons because I just dont have the time Id like to have to dedicate to them like I did before because I am a full time student. The male is CB and approx 18 months old. He has perfect horns! which are hard to come by in this species. The female is wc and is...
  20. showjet95

    Red Bar Ambilobe sired by Fuego

    This guy is perfect in every way. Hes friendly and will eat from your hand. He still has some growing to do but is amazingly colored so far. He's a year old this month. $450+shipping. These are the 2 colors that he shows, its either one or the other.
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