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  1. Quinnbys

    Dragon Strand 4 Foot Clear Sided Atrium

    Just sharing our setup here since we love it SO MUCH. Such a nice upgrade for our lady!
  2. Quinnbys

    Peach's First Clutch - Video

    Hi folks! I'm excited to get back on the forums and send some updates about our baby-girl Peach (an aprox 1.5 yr old Furcifer Pardalis). We've been offline for almost a year working to clear her of a really terrible infection that she came to use with, and we're finally seeing some light at the...
  3. Quinnbys

    Spaying Experience & Infection

    Hey Folks, This is a "can you share your experience" ask, not a diagnosis request: We're having a scary couple of weeks with Peach our 9 mo old F. Pardalis. We have had her for about 3 mos and have been super focused on her husbandry and overall care. She's been a strong eater, pooper and...
  4. Quinnbys

    Dumb Website Question?

    Hey folks, I noticed there is a Blog Feature to this forum. Can anyone write one? Or do you need a certain level of forum history before you can? I don't see the button anywhere to "start" one. I wanted to start capturing some of the useful things I have learned etc and I thought a blog would...
  5. Quinnbys

    Hello! New keepers here :D

    Hey Folks, I just wanted to introduce myself (and my wife Kristen). We just recently brought home our newest family member: Peach! She's an adorable flush pink Panther Chameleon who we *think* is about 6 months old (if anyone out there has any different opinions on that based on her pics we'd...
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