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  1. Cat129

    Not sure if Lola is gravid or not

    Hey, im not too sure if she is gravid or not as she has deffinatly changed in shape and started showing black spots on her body, I have put some pics on, any help would be great.
  2. Cat129

    Lola prefers greens to feeders

    Hey, My female veilded prefers her greens to anything else that I give her. She completly ignor's the crickets and will eat 1 waxworm in the morning. She is only a baby (12 weeks) and i havent had her very long. Is there anyway I can make other food more appealing to her?
  3. Cat129

    Just a quick one, How do i add photos to my profile

    Hi Could someone tell me how i add photos to my profile please.
  4. Cat129

    My Female wont drink, eat, and keeps her eyes closed. Help

    Hi I have just got my new female cham, i have only had her 3 days and i am very worried about her, this morning when i checked on her she was still sleeping mid morning, i tried to feed her but she wouldn't eat anything, she hasn't drunk since i have had her and she keep closing her eyes and...
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