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    Comment by 'cubanbee' in 'Pablo's Skin Cancer Epic or Why Can't It Just Be A Fungus?'

    And thanks to you for reading and for all of your posts that I've gleaned so much info from!
  2. cubanbee

    Pablo's Skin Cancer Epic or Why Can't It Just Be A Fungus?

    I have seen little on the topic of skin cancer in chameleons on the forums or online in general, so I thought I'd write my long story here for those interested. I also thought I'd include the costs involved in this situation as there was definitely some sticker shock along the way and regardless...
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    Comment by 'cubanbee' in 'Chain Store Letters'

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    My Experience setting up a RainDome style misting system

    I know I had a bunch of questions about misting/rain systems when I was looking to invest in one, and am a detail freak, so I thought I’d go ahead and post my experience with the Aquazamp system I got using their low profile 2 nozzle dome. This might sound a little formal and pointed at the...
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