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  1. okiroo

    Chameleon T shirts! ❤

    Hey everyone I just wanted you to know I have a collection of shirts called "day dream jungle" under (external link removed by moderator) it features chameleons :)!!!! Use code "Morgan" for 10% off if ya'll want ❤❤ I would love to see people wear these I could not be more excited about it! Pl...
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  3. okiroo

    Update on you lives

    Hey chameleon community! How's everyone doing? It's been a long time and I haven't posted in a year +. I still have my first chameleon Clair and she's an old lady now a days. I joined the army and serve in the gaurd while going to Clemson University for my bachlors. Also joined ROTC so I can go...
  4. okiroo

    4 Years!!!

    I thought ya'll might like to see my boyfriend of 4 years and I celebrating our anniversary! We went to a little German town a state over. Lots of fun if anyone every happens to be in Georgia I would definitely recommend it. (Helen GA) posting more pics of the actual town give me a...
  5. okiroo

    Chameleon Aging

    Clair is now getting up in her years for a female veiled chameleon. She still has a vice grip and eats/ basks like champ but I've noticed she's set in her spots and doesn't travel near as much when she was younger. I was wondering how yall's chams have changed as they have aged? There is...
  6. okiroo

    pygmy breeding?

    It's been a while since my attempt at breeding some R. spectrums (sadly all ended up dyeing). Has anyone been successful lately? I was thinking of restarting a colony; however, not really interested in getting specimens that are at deaths door again.
  7. okiroo

    Clair :)<3

    Here's a few pics to prove it :) I guess she's middle aged now but no signs of health problems. I now have added an anole and a coon dog to the family :)
  8. okiroo


    Yesterday I went bulb shopping for Clair and decided to try out a Power sun. The difference and brightness and heat is awesome:) I highly recommend for free-rangers (only if you allow enough room for them to do a good temp gradient) Before After(this is at night with no other lights...
  9. okiroo

    Im in texas!

    seeing my sis graduate bootcamp so im down in san antonio(spelling?-)! Anyone know any good lizzard places nearby? Pet stores places to go ect. :) thanks!
  10. okiroo

    Clair + Update(pic hev.)

    Heres an update on all the things I have going on. 2 acyrlics are being bleached and were left out. might get a mantis to put in them. Clair is my only cham- and only pet. shes spoiled rotten and always gets new trees and stuff :) Just cut down the plants and cleaned- thinking about dart...
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    My darling Chloe had to be put down a little while ago. It was a very emotional experience and the first chameleon that I really got attached to that I’ve lost. I cried a lot and the vet and vet tech was very upset as well. The worst part is to the untrained eye she seemed healthy. She ate and...
  12. okiroo

    Need some quick advice

    Chloe a while back fell of her vines and hit her face. She's fine but it made it to where her mouth stay open a little. I took her to the vet and he said to jsut wait and see if the swelling goes down. It hasnt gone down and although she eats ect just fine i stoped misting her in her cage. I...
  13. okiroo

    So excited :)!

    Well! I've decided for sure what my career is going to be. I've already statrted school and was going to be a vet tech....but i kept thinking- why be a vet tech and have people tell me what to do? Esp. becuz im 100% shure i could be a vet. Originally it was beacuse i didnt want to go to school...
  14. okiroo

    Who are you?- thread 3 :p

    Time for an update!!! When i hit serch i found a thread from 2009 and was like "nooo." lol. heres me :). Finally white again for winter. i change color just like my little green friends :D. me and my dad Me looking dazed(to show that i do indeed have hair. lol) A rare pic of me...
  15. okiroo


    Clairs a vegi and fruit lover(LOVE) i have wild pears and figs outside. i know pears are okay but dont remember anyone ever saying anything about figs, yay or nay?
  16. okiroo

    Another Vet Visit is on Order- Chloe

    Your Chameleon - T.hoe, Female, 2years of age, Been with me for a year Handling - Twice daily, for relocating Feeding - Crikets, supers, waxworms, Moths, Butters, Calis, some WC Bugs. Waxworms and supers are a RARE treat. Supplements - I have all three of the repcals(With 63 without d3 and...
  17. okiroo

    I need some advice

    I recused a young bull frog over a month ago- found it in cat water dish. i took it out and put it in the yard. the next day it got back in the dish so i tok it inside and fed it untill it rained (i assumed it was going there beacuse it didnt have anywhere else to go) i let it go dureing a 3 day...
  18. okiroo

    Cham Chat

    Logg in people! :D lets talk chams!
  19. okiroo

    Clear some thing up for me?-Dart frogs :)

    as some may know i've been thinking about darts for a while. i either want a single bumble bee or a pair of thumbnails. the set up has been established for a good long while and nice and grown in. its a 12x12x18. formerly it had pygmys that died. i sprayed some disinfectant in the cage a month...
  20. okiroo

    Update on Everything (LOTS of pics :))

    as some may have read i've been having comp problems, but don't give me up for dead, working on getting a new one! heres a chameleon update :) they miss having there pictures posted + new FR trees. all cages are empty(my pygmy project didn't work out sadly). deciding on what to put in them...
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