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  1. Thompson

    Newbie set up questions

    Congrats on your new chameleon! It's a good thing you're researching before you actually get your cham, great job :D. How old is your chameleon? If he's fairly young I'd switch the 75w basking bulb for a 60w bulb so his basking spot won't be too hot for him. His basking temp should range from...
  2. Thompson

    Digging female veiled chameleon

    I put my uvb lamp across the top and covered the entire top of the bin with a sheet so she would feel secure. Glad I could help!
  3. Thompson

    Digging female veiled chameleon

    If she stops digging and she hasn't laid her eggs this is a sign she's more than likely going to become egg bound. You could buy a trash bin, one like this I had to use this for my female because she...
  4. Thompson

    Digging female veiled chameleon

    If possible, can you move her into a screen cage preferably 30x18x18. She'll need this especially sooner if she's trying to lay eggs. In her enclosure she'll also need a laying bin filled with moist playing sand. Here's a great video on how to make one...
  5. Thompson

    Sick chameleon

    So sorry to hear of your loss :( Read up some more on husbandry though. Chameleons can be hard to care for but after learning from members on this forum you'll become an expert in no time.
  6. Thompson

    Big Parsonii eggs!

    How exciting! Congratulations! :D
  7. Thompson

    Sick chameleon

    I'm sorry to hear about your cham's condition :( But overall it seems like there are a couple things wrong with your husbandry that really need some changing.
  8. Thompson

    Help, My panther boy

    Your Chameleon - 13 months. In my care for 8 months Handling - three x week now to feed him. Feeding - I tried feeding him everything. The only thing he ate on his own is Superworm and a couple fly. There are a lot of flies in his cage now and two small cricket and a moth that I found. He...
  9. Thompson

    Is having 100% humidity bad for a chameleon (does age matter)

    Yea you definitely need to lower the humidity levels to around 40-60%, and want to aim for levels around 80% after misting.
  10. Thompson

    Is having 100% humidity bad for a chameleon (does age matter)

    Too much humidity can lead to URI. What type of cham do you have? And where are you from? I ask this because if you live in an area with humidity levels already relatively high then you don't need the fogger. But, I would just get rid of the fogger and switch to manual or automatic misting.
  11. Thompson

    Lump In Stomach

    Can you provide a picture of him? Preferebly a full body one that shows the lump. He should easily be able to digest any food if his basking temp is correct.
  12. Thompson

    Sexual maturity/ panther females

    It is general knowledge to wait like a year to breed your female. You also want to make sure that she's in great health too so if she's a year old but not really a good weight you would want to fatten her up before breeding her.
  13. Thompson


    Chameleons don't have an external ear ( they do have an inner one ) so he/she won't be able to hear the music... It shouldn't be a problem :)
  14. Thompson

    Debating on finding a new home for my Nosy Be.

    I say just as long as you're still able to provide food/water when he needs it then you should keep him! Lights can be easily hooked up to a timer so you won't have to worry about that either. Heck, your cham will probably enjoy the alone time :D
  15. Thompson

    Chameleon genetics

    I also found this article if anyone is interested
  16. Thompson


    Are you housing pygmy chameleons?
  17. Thompson

    Tongue Issues? Or something else

    If you began hand feeding because you noticed her missing her prey than this could mean there is something wrong with her sight. A couple misses here and there aren't nothing to worry about but if it happens frequently there's something that's causing the problem.
  18. Thompson

    Tongue Issues? Or something else

    I've had this problem occur in the chams that became accustomed to being hand fed all the time. It seems they just get lazy. But after switching them back to free ranging food ( which is also more natural for the Cham anyway) their tongue extended fully and accuracy returned to normal. But...
  19. Thompson

    Mister/Fogger AND drinking water supply?

    I used a starter pack MistKing. And if you get more cams in the future you can buy more nozzles and pipes to accommodate new additions.
  20. Thompson

    Mister/Fogger AND drinking water supply?

    Nope an automatic mister should take care of all that!
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