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  1. Curlytails

    importers in the uk?

    anyone got any info? trying to bring in some carpets and maybe some others...
  2. Curlytails

    Base morphs for a breeding project.

    Ive been thinking of breeding some ball pythons. what would be the best morphs to start with?
  3. Curlytails

    Its been a long time// Im thinking of getting back into the hobby...

    Its been a very long time since ive done anything chameleon related due to me being busy... since the upsetting loss of my veiled chameleon, i have realised how much i loved keeping chameleons... Anyways, aside from my rambling i just wanted to say hello again and id love some ideas for my next...
  4. Curlytails

    my next chameleon venture.

    i have recently lost my veiled chameleon Reggie and was told by a fellow member to the chameleon hobby earlier than i planned as i am so enthusiastic about it. i just wanted to know what species i could get into that are slightly more challenging. thank you for your contributions, curly.
  5. Curlytails

    Reggie isnt gonna make it

    :oops:i got him as a sub adult and hes getting old lethargic and he isnt moving. i fear i will lose him by the end of the day. very upsetting but if anyone has any tips to keep him. alive please feel free to share:oops: curly.
  6. Curlytails

    (beginners please read!) please do not buy a veiled chameleon!

    this may sound like the most BS anyone has ever heard but these animals have lost genetic variation and the gene pool is constantly shrinking. genetic deformities and illnesses are popping up everywhere. so please do not buy a veild. if you do please get one from a breeder that can show you the...
  7. Curlytails

    Chamaeleo calyptratus calcarifer

    anyone know any details for this species/subspecies of chameleon? i have never seen one in person or on the internet but it is classified as a chameleon type. anyone have any details? curly
  8. Curlytails

    get your load on!!!

    just made a new batch of gutload
  9. Curlytails

    panthers and the market in the uk.

    ive seen ambilobes go for 400 dollars and other locales go for much higher prices. there is also nearly none available in stores. would it be smart to breed these species in the uk to increase the amount of cb chameleons? (not going for profit here).
  10. Curlytails

    mercury vapour bulbs.

    im getting a wooden viv for my yemen and i need uvb so i wanted to find out if mvb bulbs were any good. i have access to the arcadia bulbs.
  11. Curlytails

    importing to the uk.(or in general)

    i have developed a love for Furcifer lateralis and want to import a male and female into the uk to grow on and breed. they are impossible to find here and its super annoying. i want to be able to make them more available and captive bred so they arent taken from the wild. i know thats ironic...
  12. Curlytails

    get your read on!

    do you guys recommend any books on chameleons? currently re reading this
  13. Curlytails

    genetics, gene pools and health conditions.

    i have noticed that lots of keepers (including myself) complain about the eye health of our animals. i just wanted to know if it was because of the animals becoming more and more homozygous as the gene pool is getting smaller. any info will help.
  14. Curlytails

    is this a good or extremely bad idea?

    I have been working with reptiles with a family member for my whole life. watching my relative breed and raise reptiles is what got me into this hobby. as a young child i remember helping to move eggs in the incubator etc.I have fallen in love with chameleons and would like to breed my OWN...
  15. Curlytails

    Naming my lil guy.

    i have had him for 4 months and still havent found a name for him. any input would be appreciated.
  16. Curlytails

    Expert advice on vitamins and minerals

    I just wanted to know how many IU's and mg of each vit and mineral a chameleon needed. im very much into biology and chemistry so i wanted to see if i could create my own blend of supplement. thanks to everyone who contributes.
  17. Curlytails


    my chams a lil on the thin side. what should i do?
  18. Curlytails

    uvb dilemma

    i am using a 12.0 uvb bulb as the pet store told me but his eyes are closed i have a 5.0 but i was told he would get mbd. what do i do?
  19. Curlytails

    short holiday.

    im going on a short holiday and have the feeding sorted but the watering is the problem. dont have an auto mister so i dont know what to do. can i keep silkworms available to him as a water source or not. its not a very long holiday.
  20. Curlytails


    im currently using a 12.0 arcadia t8 and it seems a bit much for my chameleons eyes. i have a 5.0 arcadia on hand should i use it? i was told by the store that he will get mbd if i did.
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