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  1. Thompson

    Urgent! Hatchling dying

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 1 month old male panther chameleon Handling - Never handled before Feeding - He gets fed 1/8 crix baby silkworms and fruit flies as much as he can eat for 5 minutes 2x a day. The crickets are gutloaded with greens, mustard greens, yams, butternut squash and...
  2. Thompson

    Hatcling is 1 month old! (pic heavy)

    Today my first hatcling turned 1 month :D, the second will be a month on Friday, and the third will be a month on Sunday. Time flies! I had them outside free ranging a little while I cleaned their cage. Enjoy :) 2nd 3rd Thanks for looking!
  3. Thompson

    Can you sex them?

    I can't beleive the first hatchling is almost already 1 month old! Well I've been trying to sex these three but so far I'm thinking I only have one male but I'm not positive so I need your help! :) Here's the two I think are females. and here is the one I think is a male I...
  4. Thompson

    Couple pics of the babies today

    These three were outside during some rain this morning and seemed to really enjoy it! going for some food This is the most recent hatchling. and I beleive this is the first hatchling. The first two hatchlings look so similar though I got mixed up :o. This one does...
  5. Thompson

    My little secret!

    In October I was given a small clutch of panther eggs. They weren't from my female, they came from my mom's friend's female that she bought from a local pet shop here in Las Vegas. The female is "supposed"to be a captive bred ambilobe but we'll see how the babies turn out. My mom's friend...
  6. Thompson

    For sale Nosy be pair

    Sadly, I have to let go of my Nosy be pair. I will slowly over time be selling my collection as I get ready for college. The female, Ariel, is around 2 years old (born somewhere around 4-1-2010). She has laid 2 infertile clutches and has not been bred yet. Her sire is D2 from TikiTiki reptiles...
  7. Thompson

    RIP Simba

    This all happened suddenly and I don't even know how or what happened. I come home from practice today and he's on the bottom of his cage with his eyes closed unresponsive. I tried putting him under his basking light and putting him on his favorite plant in the shower hoping he'd at least open...
  8. Thompson

    A few pics of Ariel

    I've been really busy lately with school and sports so I haven't been able to post any pics but I finally snapped a few of Ariel today. She layed her 2nd clutch of infertiles about two weeks ago. Everyones doing great and Ariel's boyfriend Triton should be 8 months this month :) Enjoy!
  9. Thompson

    Who leaves their chams out in the rain?

    Well we're supposed to have almost a full week of rain this week. I had all my chams out all day in the rain and they really seemed to enjoy it. Who else leaves their chams out in the rain for long periods of time? Is there a risk for a URI?
  10. Thompson

    I went crazy with the camera today..

    Lol well here's Triton and Dr. Thompson this morning :) Enjoy! And now Triton @ around 6 months I beleive.
  11. Thompson

    How to breed mantis

    I believe I just had a female molt into an adult today. I have a male ( 8 segments) and I was wondering can anyone give me tips on how to breed mantis? These are chinese mantis.
  12. Thompson

    Quick question about calcium plus.

    So this new supplement is so easy it is kinda a little hard to believe. I won't have to use any other supplement but just this? It will take care of all vitamins and d3?
  13. Thompson

    Pics, pics and more pics!

    I can't seem to put down the camera. I've been on quite the photo taking frenzy lately lol. Enjoy! Here is Simba. Next up is Dr. Thompson. And here is my Nosy be couple, Triton and Ariel. Lol I hope I'm not annoying anyone with all the...
  14. Thompson

    How do you all keep your crickets alive!?

    I'm really starting to hate crickets lol. I buy a 1000 thinking they'll last me for a while and then they start dropping dead. In a few days it seems half of them are gone and I feed them fresh veggies and fruits almost daily so they can eat and get water. So how do you all keep your crickets...
  15. Thompson

    Triton finally meets his lady

    Well I've been waiting to show my Nosy couple to eachother and now that Ariel is done being filled with eggs and is back to her old self I let them see eachother. And Ariel who is not really impressed lol!
  16. Thompson

    Female just laid and...

    I am really worried. I dug up 17 eggs and when I saw that she was covering them up I took her out of the laying bin and put her into the shower. Since she doesn't look skinnier at all really like people said females should look I weighed her and she is 50 grams. Before she laid she was 62 grams...
  17. Thompson

    Pics of the boys (pic heavy)

    I really go crazy with all the picture taken. Lol these are only some of the best, there were a lot more. It's awesome to have such photogenic chameleons :) Enjoy! Here is Simba who is shedding. Looks like he is very uncomfortable! next up is Dr. Thompson. He is developing...
  18. Thompson

    Should be laying soon

    Well about two days ago I could finally see small lumps (eggs) poking out on ariel's stomach. Today I came home and found her in her laying bin. I left her alone for a while and could hear her walking all over her cage. I assumed she wanted a bigger laying bin so I put her in a large trash can...
  19. Thompson

    What a GREAT day!

    Today I got my new Nosy be 5 month old boy that was imported by Rob from chamelon nation. I'd like to thank Rob for taking the time for importing from chameleon nation, he brought some amazing chams to the states. I'd also like to thank Ryan for delivering him to Vegas for me since I could not...
  20. Thompson

    one nosy ambanja

    Idk lol trying to get creative with the titles :) Here are a couple pics of now gravid Ariel and some before and after pics of Dr. Thompson shedding. Well I also took a few pics of my mantis that I have not fed off yet because they are so amazing that I want to keep them...
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