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    Chameleon T shirts! ❤

    Hey everyone I just wanted you to know I have a collection of shirts called "day dream jungle" under (external link removed by moderator) it features chameleons :)!!!! Use code "Morgan" for 10% off if ya'll want ❤❤ I would love to see people wear these I could not be more excited about it! Pl...
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    Update on you lives

    Thanks Jann! I love seeing all your beauty's outside sunning. Clair Is definitely up there; she slows down more and more but eats and drinks like a champ so I'm hoping for another year :)!
  4. okiroo

    Happy Birthday to Jannb!!!

    Happy birthday Jann :)!
  5. okiroo

    Update on you lives

    Hey chameleon community! How's everyone doing? It's been a long time and I haven't posted in a year +. I still have my first chameleon Clair and she's an old lady now a days. I joined the army and serve in the gaurd while going to Clemson University for my bachlors. Also joined ROTC so I can go...
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    Chameleons the size of Dogs-

    if a chameleon were that large it might take off your finger while feeding. That's panther is gorgeous :)!
  7. okiroo

    eggbound dying

    I'm sorry for your loss. Its good you understand the need of money before you should get another one, I hope things look up for you in the near future so that you can afford a little boy.
  8. okiroo

    Piko's Day Out again

    She's adorable!
  9. okiroo

    Look at this Hoe!!!

    Makes me want another; what a beautiful species of chameleon. :)
  10. okiroo

    May be ordering WC Pigmy chams

    I tried setting up some WC pygmy chameleons unsuccessfully. I was able to keep my male alive for about 5-6months(full grown when received so possible natural death) but never a female for very long. All came to me in AWFUL condition and died within weeks. It's not easy. Set up their new...
  11. okiroo

    4 Years!!!

    Thanks! We really did :)
  12. okiroo

    4 Years!!!

    Go during the summer they have homemade ice-cream and you can float down the river :)
  13. okiroo

    4 Years!!!

    LOL! he's only 19 and I'm only 20 ;). I want to drink at my wedding so maybe 2-3 more years. Very cool! Did you eat at the bakery? it was amazing but sadly the bear park closed down. Thank you :)!
  14. okiroo

    4 Years!!!

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