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  1. Dez

    Ambilobe Females (Lots Available)

    I have a surplus of ambilobe females and I need to thin the herd. These girls are 3 to 4 months old and doing great. First photo is the sire Offering them in groups: Lot of 10 $850 shipped Lot of 5 for $475 shipped Lot of 3 for $300 shipped Or single females for $150 shipped Attached Images
  2. Dez

    Ambilobe Panther Chameleon babies

    I have some more babies ready to go from Sid (out of crazy eye chams) Last batch of boys where stunning and these next ones are will not disappoint. Sid the sire: Older...
  3. Dez

    Baby veileds!

    Baby veiled chameleons ready to go. Both males and females available Super cute $80 shipped
  4. Dez

    Young Ambilobe females $100

    I am clearing cage space to make room for up coming babies. Up for sale is two young Ambilobe females sired by Sid Only $100 each + shipping
  5. Dez

    Ambilobe Males! Last Two

    Two boys available a bit over 4 months old Full of color with great personality $300 each (price INCLUDES shipping). Avaliable male pic 1 Avaliable male Pic 2 Sire pic 3
  6. Dez

    Adult Ambilobe for sale $250 + shipping

    This is BullsEye. I got him as a 3 month old baby and since I received him he has had a tongue issue... His aim is off. He can eat but takes him 2 or 3 shots to hit the target (hence the ironic name). He does well with cup feeding. And he is actually very social because he get excited when you...
  7. Dez

    Ambanja Males Available $225.00

    I have a handful of Ambanja Males for sale around 4 months old. Pic 1 and 2 are examples of males from clutch Sire is Wild Caught Jasper (3rd pic) and Dam is our JayJay's (4th pic) sister. $225.00 + shipping
  8. Dez

    Ambilobe Male Holdback

    6 month old BB Ambilobe $275.00 + shipping Sire is our Demetri and Dam is from FLChams 'Hunter'
  9. Dez

    26 Chameleons stolen from Kissimmee FL

    I can honestly say..that this had been the worst week of my life. I don't know how many of you newer members know me because I have not been on the forums too much lately. But I am a chameleon breeder in Kissimmee FL. Also a site sponsor of the chameleon forums = Chamalot Chameleons...
  10. Dez

    Few Ambilobe Males for Sale

    I am letting some of my boys go. Ambilobe Males Sired by our Demetri. These guys are awesome Dem#1 $250 Dem#2 $250 Dem#3 $225 Dem#4 $250 Last pic is the Sire. Dam is from FLchams Hunter Line Shipping is not included in prices and will run from $25 for Florida shipments...
  11. Dez

    Simon the RED babies!?!?

    Who out there has Simon the Red Babies? All my boys where snatched up as soon as they where available and I have never gotten to see any updates of how they turned out :confused: Please post a picture if you have one of my boys!
  12. Dez

    Looking for 10x15x25 screen cages

    I am looking for six 10x15x25 screen cages to set up my baby rearing area. Pm or email [email protected] if you can help me out
  13. Dez

    Red body blue bar virgin female

    Virgin female ambilobe - 12 months old and ready to breed.. Has not laid a clutch yet She came from Chameleons 101 and her sire is "Spawn" $225 + shipping Actual female: Sire Spawn Sibling brother from same clutch
  14. Dez

    Translucent male veiled for sale or trade

    I have decided to sell my High Translucent male veiled because he is related to my female . He is about 10 months old and has trans on all 4 feet Selling for $190.00 or will trade for an Ambilobe or Ambanja female
  15. Dez

    7 month Nosy Faly pair

    My breeding plans have changed so decided to sell my pair of young falys. Male is 7 months old sired by Maranello (second to last pic as attachment) $350 + shipping Female is also 7 months and has a nipped tail. Sired by Grover (Last pic as attachment) $195+ shipping Pair for...
  16. Dez

    Blue panther chameleon

    This guy as about 7 months old. Local not known but possably nosy be mix. He is a cool little dude. $190 + shipping
  17. Dez

    The Best Place to Sleep

    I shared this picture on facebook and thought I would share it here. 3 newly hatched panther chameleons. This branch is the best place to sleep
  18. Dez

    Ambilobe Male 4 months old

    Ambilobe Male sired by Demetri Pic #1 is actual male available Pic #2 The Sire Demetri (Who is Little Clowns Son) Pic #3 Dam's Sire out of FLchams "Hunter" $225 + Shipping
  19. Dez

    Baby Veileds PRE-SALE Until 6/15/14

    How often do you see baby veileds available for sale with a complete family tree! These are very special baby veileds as well as they are the Great Grandchildren of my very first chameleon Daigan and Great Grandchildren of forum member Jannb's Luie and Camille. This is a PRESALE. These...
  20. Dez

    Great Grandbaby Veileds!

    Here are some photos this morning of the kids. These veileds are the Great Grandchildren of my very first Veiled chameleon, Daigan (from 2007) They are also Great grand children of Jannb's Luie and Camille
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