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  1. Chamero

    Cool Vid of Gecko saving Gecko from snake

    Dont know if this is a repost, but thought it was pretty cool.
  2. Chamero

    What the Heck is this thing!!!

    Was digging through the yard today and stumbled upon this thing. Couple questions... What the heck is it? and Can I feed it to my Cham? :)
  3. Chamero

    One Beautiful MALE Veiled Chameleon and every accessory you need!!! (Asking $250)

    Under 2 years old well established Veiled that lives primarily outdoors--except for winter. Fed with crickets and superworms as staple but eats many things. I'm moving out of state and unfortunately cannot take him with me. Want to sell everything together and I think this setup would be...
  4. Chamero

    Hunting Strawberries

    Well since Im going to be getting out of the Chameleon Hobby for a bit, I thought now would be a good time to get some pics. Too bad I waited so long to do this, but here is my male veiled eating some strawberries. Eventually I had planned to pay $100 for a 4-set of wireless cctv cameras...
  5. Chamero

    So Cal: Anyone to Split Cricket shipping costs?

    Going to be ordering crickets soon and everywhere I look has shipping for around $20. Was wondering if anyone wants to go in on some crickets and just split the shipping cost. I live in Whittier area.
  6. Chamero

    How do I regiment/dose reptaid used as precaution?

    So I finally got some reptaid and am excited to use it. My chameleon has not been confirmed for Coccidia but I want to administer Reptaid as a precautionary measure. The directions say two 10-day regiments with a break of 2 days in between. My guy is 170g, so have been giving him...
  7. Chamero

    Best way to store Meds ?

    So Im accumulating medicine for a "just in case" scenario, but before I do, I want to know if it is worth it. I plan on buying Terramycin and Reptaid, but have a few questions before I do. What temps should they be stored at? How long are they good stored at these temps? Thanks.
  8. Chamero

    BP OIL Spill: Live

    Thought some of you would be interested in seeing this. Its sad this has been happening for over a month now...
  9. Chamero

    Cactus as Gutload?

    Is it safe to gutload crickets with cactus?
  10. Chamero

    Heres a funny one!

  11. Chamero

    Safe to feed???

    I found this bug in our mulch pile. I was wondering if any of you know what it is and if it is safe to feed. It looks like itd be an awesome treat...and I have tons of em... I live in Southern California if that helps with the I.D. Any ideas of what it is?
  12. Chamero

    Please Critique my Outdoor Setup

    Here is my year-round outdoor setup. Front View: Bottom Back Half is all glass. Top Back half is all screen Bottom Front/Left is all screen. Bottom Front/Right is all glass. Basking spots on top left and top...
  13. Chamero

    Nees some help wiht outdoor cage/cham

    Cage Info: • Cage Type - Combination of glass and screen. Divided into 4 quarters in hopes of creating 4 different conditions. Top half is all screen, with the top right being the basking area. The basking area has a reptisun 10.0 above it and is supposed to be the hot/high uvb/ low humidity...
  14. Chamero

    Temp problems? Heres my home made A/C!

    Before I get into the directions I first want to mention that I live in Whittier, California where temps can range from 100 in the summer to mid 50's in winter. My goal was to keep my chameleon outdoors all year long and in doing so, I ahd to come up with solutions for the extreme cold and...
  15. Chamero

    Which digital Temp/Humidity gauge to use??

    My temp/humidity gauge is on its last legs and am needing a new one. I also want my new one to have those external probe things. Ive noticed those small yellow temp ones and like how those look but have not heard any feedback...are they worth buying?.. Do they also have a humidity one...
  16. Chamero


    First one is a baby cage. $20 Second is an adult cage. $50
  17. Chamero

    Say hello Axel, my new veiled

    Here he is settling into his new home.(day2) He is about 9 months old and comes from local cham keeper and forum member dondeb562. Thanks a bunch. I also have a question about this plant. I wanted to add it to the cage but was not sure if its safe or not. Anyway thanks and hope you...
  18. Chamero

    Decent size adult cage!!

    I have here a 4' x 2' x 2' adult cage that I never got around to using. Im not sure about the brand but it is a very durable hard plastic. It is upside down in the pic, but it gets the point across. I also took the pic by my dog and refrigerator for size comparison. Anyway, I'm starting the...
  19. Chamero

    So I lost my chameleon!:confused:

    So yesterday day I decided to put my cham outside in his outdoor cage. Lately he’s been escaping his indoor free range and I figured its due to him being between 5 – 5 ½ months old and he is just exploring. Anyway, checking on him the last time at 5pm I noticed him gone! He was there just...
  20. Chamero

    Cool videos

    Heres a cool video I found yesterday thought you guys would like it. Its on youtube and is by elishkamo. You guys should check out his/her videos, theres a good one of two veiled mating also.
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