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    Ambilobe Blue Bar Hatchlings

    THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME!!!!! Congratulations BEAR! Your babies are coming out wonderfully! Please message us if you are interested in putting a deposit down on his babies! $150 for females, $200 for males, will be rehoming the strongest at about two months. 50$ Deposits now being accepted
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    Ambilobe Chameleon Eggs

    We have 100+ ambilobe panther chameleon eggs that we are looking to sell. Expected hatch date is this month thru the next 3 months. Experienced breeders only. Looking to sell for $50 each. Please message if interested. [email protected] pics of sires are shown. These are...
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    Female Ambilobe for Sale

    Age 14 months Proven Breeder Once with 34 eggs 3 months ago Gorgeous Girl all in Pink Looking to sell for $200 obo Sire pics not available
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    Two 13 Month Female Ambilobe Females for Sale

    Breeding Age Ambilobe Females for SALE 13 months old. Price $250 plus shipping. Combined shipping available. No other pics of male available. Females were purchased from the Reptile Kid. Female's sir is shown. Email [email protected] if you're interested.
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    3 Breeder Female Ambilobies for Sale

    We have some beautiful 11 month old female ambilobe bloodlines available for sale (breeding age). Let us know if you're interested. They're simply stunning! Sire photos are attached. Let us know what you think. Price: $275 plus shipping Lineage: Sire - Oscar (Colorado Chameleons) Mother -...
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    Ambilobe Male for Sale!

    [/URL][/IMG]Ambilobe Male for Sale! Age: 16 Months Price: $400 plus shipping
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    Panther Chameleons for Sale

    First Male is 100% Ambilobe Age: 10 Months CB 14K Bloodline Line Asking Price: $350 plus shipping Second Chameleon 100% Ambilobe Age: 12 Months Red and Blue Bar Mix CB Asking Price: $350 plus shipping Willing to do discounts if purchase both. Shoot me a message if you're...
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    Sick Ambilobe Chameleon Mouth Foaming

    We have a sick female who is foaming at the mouth. There is a little crust around her lips. It gets worse at night. Please offer any help and advice that you can! Thanks
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    3 Adult Male Panthers for Sale

    3 Adult Male Panthers Available Ambilobe 1 (1st two Pictures) Age: 10 Months Locale: Ambilobe Price: $350 plus shipping Ambilobe 2 (2nd to pictures) Age: 12 Month Local: Ambilobe (Red and blue mix) Price: $300 plus shipping Nosy Be 1 (Last Picture) Age: 12 Months Local: Nosy...
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    Greenhouse for breeding project questions!

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on green houses for chams! Im based out of los angeles and want to house about 40 chams in a green house for all obvious reasons! Natural sunlight, more room, fresh air and the jacksons can roam free! I have some blue prints for a basic green house but...
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    Outdoor Greenhouse

    I'm thinking about building a greenhouse outside for some of my chameleons. I wanted to know people's general opinions. Any thoughts on what I should look out for? Any advice? Greenhouse would be in Los Angeles.
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    Shipping to Canada

    Do you need an export permit to send a chameleon to Canada from the United States? Anyone recommend a shipping company?
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    BB Ambilobes

    2 - 3 months old. Photo of sire provided. Can provide female sire pics as well. Pairs are 350$ shipped. Unrelated blood lines. Continental U.S. Only
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    Male Jackson/Pair for Sale

    Jackson Chameleons for Sale Scientific Species: Trioceros jacksonii Sale Price: $75 Sale Price (Adult Pair): $100 Price does not include shipping. For inquiries regarding purchase pleasemail [email protected]
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    Rusty Cage Fix

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I can refurbish a screen cage that is showing a bit of rust on it. I was thinking of painting it with some spray paint and letting it sit for a week or so for the fumes. Hopefully, I can get some input from the chameleon community.
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    Cricket Larvae

    I have recently found some cricket larvae when cleaning out the cricket cage. They seemed pretty happy with laying eggs in some of the dead crickets that were in the cage so I scooped them up and put them in some containers with a little water and some holes. They are escaping and I was...
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    CKeeping Cricket Enclosure Sanitary

    Anyone have any ideas and ways to keep cricket enclosures sanitary when you have a large blue bin a 2,000 crickets? it's a pain transferring them out and they can jump everywhere if not careful enough.
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    Our Little Man getting some Lovin

    Our Little Man getting some lovin
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    Wild Caught, Poaching?

    I was wondering how people get wild caught chameleons. Is it considered poaching?
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    Breeding Age

    What is the typical breeding age for a panther chameleon and how long do they live for? I assume at some age the males lose interest and the females can get too old. Also what are the risks if you breed a female too early. Seems like a waste to not have the eggs fertilized if she is going to lay...
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