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    Solarmeter 6.2 UVB Meter

    I have a brand new Solarmeter to sell. Ive literally pushed the button 5 times and taken it out once so its basically new. Ive had it about 2 months. Still has the paperwork and leather case. $140 shipped obo
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    Superworm colony. Local only please

    Selling this colony that needs to go. I drawer has beetles, the other 2 have lots of worms. This has provided me with endless Supers for my two chams. Comes with whats left of their gutload also. $25
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    Dubia colony sale $100, local only

    Selling my Dubia colony. There is at least a couple thousand of them I have, but im selling them along with thier home and a heating pad to go underneath. Just feed them and never run out of roaches again! Also comes with half a bag of dogfood and gutload from
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    Shipping question

    Just had a question about shipping chams. Ive had them shipped to me, just never the other way around. Its really hot where I live, would it be safe to ship out close to the evening overnight? Also other than boxing up the cham and shipping it is there anything special UPS needs to know other...
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    Something hanging from backebd

    anyone know what this is? Noticed it when giving my cham a shower today. Its not fecal hanging. Sorry I couldn't get a clearer pic.
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    Male and Female Amilobe

    I had posted below these with an entire setup and Just wanted to offer these Chams Seperately. I have a Male Amilobe and Female. The male is just over a year old and the female will be next month. See link below....throw me an offer and Ill ship if needed...
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    Amilboe Breeding pair, local pickup only

    I'm going to be moving to a place to where I cannot take care of my chameleons anymore. I was intending on breeding them. I have a female Amilobe who will be a year old in August and a Male Amilobe that turned a year in may. The stand I built myself with the drain system. These two are about...
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    Dubia Roaches, $30 mixed Phoenix area

    For those of you who cant have anything shipped because it summer, and you live in Phoenix.... PM or email me lonmc
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    Upper lip on both sides raised

    I took a couple pics, though its still kinda hard to see it. But her upper lip has raised on both sides of her mouth so you can kind of see her gum area when her mouth is completely closed. Just wanted to know if this is a red flag at all and what to do with it. Her appetite is very random...
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    Professor Chaos

    Professor Chaos, man he grew fast... 5 months 7 months later
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    Dubias for sale / Phoenix

    $30 mixed for 100 local pickup. (Shipping plus 10). Enough to start a good colony. I sold my Sugar gliders and now have WAY too many roaches. I also have an obscene amount of superworms if your looking for those too. 100 for $10
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    Meal worm colony / Phoenix

    I have a decent sized meal worm colony going that I don't need anymore. My chams don't really like them anyway so I'm planning on tossing it all and just seems like a waste. PM me if your local and want them. PS- Free btw
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    Cham not laying eggs

    I have a 7 month old female Amilobe who Im pretty sure at this point needs to lay infertile eggs. She hardly eats, I can see her ribs but her gut is big and I can see some bumps suggesting eggs. I did like Brads Blog said, 5 gallon bucket filled 1/3 the way up with sand and peat moss and...
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    Cham not eating, only wants freedom?

    Ok so, I have this female Amilobe who's coming up on 6 months. Ive had her for 4. For the first 3 months she would eat like a pig. Literally running to me in the morning and eating out of my hand. About 2 weeks ago she shed and became receptive. she also found her way out of the cage when I...
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    Quick Question/possible impaction

    My female Amilobe, who normally waits at the cage door for me every morning for food, would not touch anything this morning. Rather than run to my hand she kept climbing the screen to the top, passing over crickets on the way. That isn't like her at all. I did notice a small amount of stool...
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    Diarrhea blues

    I was cleaning out my Amilobe cage today. Shes 4 months old. The cage was completely empty and then she dropped a bomb on the floor of the cage. Not a big deal obviously but it was only a urate, mixed with yellowish water. I have been feeding a lot of silkworms lately so I know that will...
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    Bug Stop

    Anyone know how to make, or where to buy locally some Bug Stop? Basically to stop Dubias from climbing up the tub they're in? I know I can get it online but due to Xmas it will be a few weeks for shipping to resume.
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    Anyone else going to play when it comes out? Looks like the next World of War craft generation MMO :). I signed up for the beta, but with a 500k + applications for it, I doubt ill get too :rolleyes:
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    Cleaning nozzles question

    I have two brand new of the cloud colored nozzles shown below. I hooked one up for the first time today and its only spraying out on one side at a 90 degree angle like its clogged. The other one Ive been using for a month now and is fine. I popped the screen out and don't see anything. Is...
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    Female suggestion for my Amilobe

    Was looking for a girlfriend for my Amilobe and wondered if anyone had any good ideas about where to get one thats available, or will be later on. This is his daddy below. Closest I found was from the Chameleon Company here
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