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  1. AJA

    Pygmies of Mt. Gorongos

    Posted by Chameleons Online Ezine and Chameleons Specialist Group on FB. :D
  2. AJA

    If you like Diamond Back Terrapins... Be kind of cool if there were some chameleon research projects going on. Anyone know of any?
  3. AJA

    NW Captive Breeders Expo - Puyallup 10/13-14 Is anyone going to this? If so, what are you selling? buying? looking? I would be willing to shop for people on a limited basis (send me a PM) :D Anyone need help with a vendor table? What makes a good show?
  4. AJA

    Shaking off the dust ....

    Hello to old and new friends. After 2 years of economical hell, I think I am working my way back up the ladder. Got rid of most of my stuff but kept a little of it, just enough to get into trouble. :rolleyes: Montanes are still my favorite :D and will be keeping an eye out for a...
  5. AJA

    T. deremensis, fulleborni, hoenelli

    Well, as much as I hate to do it, I got to. Photos were taken yesterday. All chameleons are in excellent health. Pricing does not include freight. Shipping is being done through NW Chameleons and you must contact them for a quote. 1. Male T. deremensis. Captive hatch on 6/20/08...
  6. AJA

    Update on Bert

    Well, I thought I would update everyone on Bert after her tail amputation. She is doing really well and adjusting to handicap life. :) What Bert has been dealing with as of late and she has had them since I have had her are there barnacle like lesions on her bottom. We never found out...
  7. AJA

    Bertie is in the newspaper !

    For those of you who get The Seattle Times, check out B-1. Bertie was photographed by Alan Berner snagging a roach. This photo shows her when she had her tail. :o
  8. AJA

    End of the month weigh in....

    Okay, no comments on the crummy photos please.....:o Everyone has gained weight which makes me happy. Here is my female quad that I have up for sale. She is at 71 grams! :eek: What do you think? Gravid or fat? Benny!!!! Male T. deremensis up for sale as...
  9. AJA

    The Puget Sound has another reptile expo! On June 19 & 20, the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society will host the first reptile show in Seattle, the Emerald City Reptile Expo! Mark your calendars, as we are working on an exciting new combination of reptile show and educational...
  10. AJA

    Microscope supplies

    I have slides, immersion oil, kimwipes, fecal solution and fecal containers that are brand new. Asking $30.00. I would like to offer this to someone local first, just because shipping the fecal-sol will be so expensive.
  11. AJA

    Montanes for sale...

    Well I got bit by the RIF bug and need to cut some costs, not to mention bring in some cash . The sale will be kind of goofy since NW Chameleons is helping me out by doing the shipping for me, so you will have to make two payments. One to me and one to them. Please be patient with us, since...
  12. AJA

    Fabian's deremensis check in....

    I weighed my pair this past weekend and they are in the low 50 gram mark. (Male 52 and female 53) I was wondering how the rest of Fabian's brood is doing? Anyone else have the little porkers in their care?
  13. AJA

    A visitor this past weekend...

    This handsome fellow decided to sit in the middle of my bird feeder tree about 20 feet from the kitchen window. He couldn't figure out where all the delicous little tweets went though...:rolleyes: 15 points if you can ID him. Another 10 points if you can tell me if it's an adult or juvenile...
  14. AJA

    Remember this guy when you were a kid? WARNING: Do not being consuming any liquid of any kind and viewing monitor at the same time. Also, be sure not to have a full bladder or your pants will get very warm. The comments are just as funny. I hurt myself this morning looking at this.
  15. AJA


    WOW! I just posted a couple of Christmas Tree Ornaments of chameleons in the classified section and went to look them up on Ebay and came across a couple of ornaments by James Breen - WOW :eek: Way Cool. Anyway, if you are able, please post your chameleon Christmas tree ornaments, I had...
  16. AJA

    Chameleon Christmas Ornaments to benefit rescue

    I have TWO different, hand made, one of a kind Chistmas ornaments up for bid on Ebay (links posted below) These will benefit the Chameleon rescue ChamEO One has a single chameleon in it and the other has two chameleons in it. They are 2 inches in diameter. I will...
  17. AJA

    Cod Liver Oil and chameleons

    I am wondering if anyone has given CLO to their chameleon? I know of some people who administer Vit A oil to their chameleons but was wondering if the Vitamin D in the oil would benefit them too? Would the omega 3 fatty acids be bad for them? I know you need to use caution when...
  18. AJA

    A lazy lizard or a potential health concern?

    I have been noticing that my female Ambanja will walk up to a cricket to eat it as opposed to striking it with her tongue. She did demonstrate normal eating habits before so I am now wondering if she is having a vision or a tongue issue? Has anyone experienced this before with their...
  19. AJA

    lip question

    When I was weighing Bert yesterday, I noticed this blemish on her lip. It looks like a stain so not sure if its bug juice or not. Any thoughts on this? Sorry for the crappy photo. There is another photo of her on this thread.
  20. AJA

    Monthly Weigh In

    At the end of each month, I weigh all of my guys. I am glad to report that everyone is eating and gaining weight (maybe too much for some :o) I also take photos and will share with all. I really suck at taking photos and blame Rodyen for not coming over and doing this for me.... :p so you...
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