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  1. JPChameleon

    New cage

    It won't work:(
  2. JPChameleon

    New cage

    6 month old sambava panther... Look good?
  3. Basking


    Getting some natural UVRays
  4. JPChameleon

    Photo contest

    Please View my beautiful sambava panther chameleon in the contest... We would be extremely grateful if we won... Thanks for the views!
  5. Post-shed Colors!

    Post-shed Colors!

    6 month old sambava panther chameleon sunning himself after a tough shed... Firing up with his new colors.
  6. JPChameleon

    Favorite Panther Locale?

  7. Sambavatimesadness (summertime Sadness Song)

    Sambavatimesadness (summertime Sadness Song)

    My little guy soaking up some rays in his own little tanning booth
  8. JPChameleon

    Stopped eating

    My friends experience My friend had a male and female veiled couple, the female fell off of a plant and died, after that the make starved himself to death (they used to be in the same cage) I'm not sure what you should do but that's just a warning... Good luck
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